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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Underwater Records artist: Jason Elmore and the Hoodoo Witch - Tell You What - New Release Review

I just received the latest release, Tell You What, from Jason Elmore and Hoodoo Witch and it's a really cool blues rocker with some unexpected twists. Opening with Sharecropper Shuffle, Elmore does his own take on a Hideaway (Freddie King) style track. Elmore has his own riffs to play and his own blues to strut and the track even has a taste of metal riffs making for a very interesting shuffle. Next up is Southbound, with a distinctive rocker with contemporary rock influenced guitar riffs. Cold Lonely Dawn is a sweet R&B style track and Elmore shows not only great guitar chops but also his capabilities of carrying a soulful vocal track on a strong voice. This is a strongly composed track really showcasing Elmore's strengths. When The Sun Goes Down has a bit of a radio play format with a catchy melody and understated instrumentation. Bottom Feeder comes busting through the doors with a heavy grunge style riff but not losing that Texas feel. Bassist Chris Waw and Drummer Mike Talbot really shine on this track. Dirt Ain't Enough opens with really cool Texas style wizardry leading into cool shimmery reverb tones. This track has a pretty interesting story and overall is one of the best tracks on the recording. It's got the entire package with nice rhythm, great vocals, good story and nice searing guitar effects and soloing. Falling back on a Buck Owens track, Buckaroo, Elmore shows his love for real country, simple melodies, country pickin' and brings back a pretty hip tune. Rory Gallagher's Country Mile which is pinned to be a fan favorite with it's driving style, slick guitar riffs and driving beat. Sean Costello's Don't Pass Me By is another track that really showcases the bands capabilities in soul style and Elmore playing nice jazzy chords and riffs. Tommy Young adds some nice B3 on the bottom of this track adding to the overall warmth and giving Elmore the opportunity to focus on his singing. He also conjures up some terrific gripping solos on this track. Good Foot has a driving bass/drums bottom and Elmore plays some flaming rhythm guitar over his smooth vocals. This track takes an unexpected turn with a flat out jazz style twist and then some really flavorful reverb effect guitar work. Very cool. She Fine has a real swing style and timing is right on. Elmore demonstrates his capabilities dancing across the fretboard "Duke" style. Very nice. The disc is concluded by a real soulful track, You Don't Miss Your Water. Highlighted by slick as ice slide work, Elmore sings the blues with strong focus. Slide men... this track...take notice! This is a great concluding track for a strong release.  

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