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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

"The Future of Blues Music?" - Austin Young - free download

The VizzTone label group is so proud of the new AUSTIN YOUNG & NO DIFFERENCE CD, we're throwing a Listening Party and giving away a free download of the leadoff track, "Thunderhead."  Just click on the CD cover for the free download, to listen to the whole CD in the VizzTone Music Store, AND get a special discount offer!  A recent rave review (see below) suggests Austin might be "the Future of the Blues" — we welcome you to check out his music and decide for yourself!

“I enjoy the ‘crossroads’ moment of Austin Young as his live and recorded efforts reveal an exciting prodigy claiming his destiny. I see no limit to his talent as a guitarist, singer, entertainer, bandleader, and magnetic new force of nature. The buzz has already begun in his home of Colorado and from his performances in Helena and Memphis. Austin proves himself every day. Am I hyping him or actually too restrained? Austin Young will deliver an obvious answer.”
     – Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin

We proudly present the debut recording from Colorado’s teenage blues phenom, Austin Young.  At 17, he delivers deep passion, exciting showmanship, and electrifying musicianship.  His inspirations range from Blues giants to guitar masters.  As he devastates audiences near home and at concerts and festivals, he is a hard act to follow even for today’s established stars.
Austin is an astounding guitarist, naturally emotive singer, and prolific songwriter.  His songs deliver Blues feeling in both traditional and original styles.  BLUE AS CAN BE showcases variety from Austin and his NO difference bandmates, from the hard-rocking “Thunderhead” and “Signal” to the lyrical “Springtime Snow,” the jazzy “That’s It,” the highly-danceable “Who’s Coming Out” and more.  This is a landmark worldwide debut from a young artist with a huge future.

• Recipient of the 2012 Colorado Blues Society Member’s Choice Awards in FIVE categories:  Best Guitar, Best Slide Guitar, Best Blues Band, Best Young Artist, Best Live Moment
• Invited Performer to The King Biscuit Festival, Helena, AR. 
• Intern Instructor aiding Bob Margolin for Pinetop Perkins Master Guitar Workshop, Clarksdale, MS,
 • State of Colorado Scholarship Recipient for the Pinetop Perkins Foundation Master Guitar Workshop, Clarksdale, MS.

A recent rave review from Greg Victor on

Could Austin Young Be The Future Of Blues Music? Give His New CD A Listen.

Austin Young & NO Difference - Blue As Can Be
***½ (out of 4 stars)
Label: Vizztone

Austin Young is 17. Or at least that’s what his bio states. After listening to his newly released album, Blue As Can Be, I’m convinced that’s a typo. His musicianship fairly overflows with the focus, nuance and even contradictions of a man two (no, make that three or four) times his age. To play the blues as a teenager is a parlor trick. To own them (as Young does, on occasion) is a life’s mission begun to be fulfilled. The full band’s name is Austin Young & NO Difference (with Austin Young on guitar and vocals, Noah Mast on bass, and Tim Young on drums). Their album, with Young as writer or co-writer on each track, is a healthy blend of traditional blues attitudes and modern takes, of building tensions and private releases, of explosive energy and seemingly impossible restraint.

Austin Young is clearly in touch with his inner… well, everything, I guess. The album is a showcase for a variety of moods and each track shows off a different facet of Young’s passionate personality. At times, Young plays with such a ferocious energy that he may just be starting his own style of blues… the “Colorado blues”? … the “teenage phenomenon blues”? … the “I might just turn a whole young generation into blues lovers blues”? It’s exciting (especially in a genre like blues) to discover an artist that one can share with friends, and with Austin Young’s talent, he will certainly create a buzz. No, it isn’t a perfect album. So he’s young. That’s fine. He has all the more time to find himself in the blues (and find the blues in himself). When a guy just might be the future of the blues (and he just might be), it’s best he take his own damn time. Play on, Austin Young, for when played with truth and swagger — the blues never get old.

Essential Downloads: “Thunderhead,” “Magdalena,” “That’s It,” “Miss You Moore.”

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