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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Got My Eye On You - Sabrina Weeks and Swing Cat Bounce - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Got My Eye On You, by Sabrina Weeks and Swing Cat Bounce and it's radio bound. From the first note on the first song it has a distinctive sound. The title track, Got My Eye On You,  has a club sound reminiscent of ballad singers of the 40's and 50's and horns for backing but extremely strong guitar work by Mike Hilliard tells you that it's today. Weeks has a silky smooth voice and Vince Mai on trumpet plays clean support. Burn That Boogie has strong bones and nicely features Weeks backed by Linda Kidder on vocals. This swinging track again has nice work from Mai. I'll Never Let You Go is a real swinger with a hot opening by Jerry Cook on sax. Horns play a strong part in the dynamics of this track with Ed Hilliard rappin out the drums. Cook and Mai trade off riffs with M. Hilliard but it's really about the vocal harmonies. The Lady Sings The Blues has a real contemporary R&B sound and Mai mutes his horn for a real cool sound.Terry Strudwick adds a nice funky strut to the bottom on bass. Crickets is an uptempo track with a little funk in it's step. With Weeks singing lead and echoing horns this develops nicely. Cook blows a real nice solo on this track followed by Mike Hilliard on guitar. Swing Cat Bounce is one of the more clever tracks on the release with a definite 40's style melody construction. With a classic New Orleans swing to it and featuring Dave Webb on piano, this is a pretty cool track. M. Hilliard and Bill White add a flavor of jazz with some rich chords at the bridge. Forgive Me is a really traditional ballad with a lead guitar opening. This could most certainly be the torch song that hits the money mark for Ms Weeks. Sunday is a rompin boogie with barrelhouse piano and hot double stop guitar riffs. Definitely my favorite on the release. Mr. Regret has a bit of a contemporary country/pop sound with nice vocal harmonies from Weeks and Kidder. The release is wrapped up by Moving Forward, an R&B style track. Cook has a nice opportunity to play a nice sax solo on this track but it's mostly a solid track for airplay. This is a consistent release that shows a lot of strength in the pop blues market. Weeks has a very strong voice and the writing is very commendable. I think that the bands performance is impeccable and this release should be well received by music listeners as a whole.

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