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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reference Recordings artist; Doug MacLeod - There's A Time - New Release Review

I just received the Reference Recordings label debut, There's A Time, by Doug MacLeod. This release will be released on March 12, 2013 in both CD and half speed mastered, 200-gram vinyl. The recording opens with Rosa Lee, a light shuffle tune featuring MacLeod on an open D tuned national Reso-Phonic. Next up is Black Nights, a smooth acoustic blues and not only does MacLeod shine on vocal but also really digs in on some nice blues riffs on his Gibby C100FE. The Up Song has a Hawaiian sound to in with vocal qualities and a National El Travador 12 string. The Entitled Few is a track about using the blues handicapped parking card. Played on A National Style O, this sound terrific with vocals delivered more as a spoken shout. A Ticket Out is a Piedmont Style track in open D on the Reso-Phonic. Run With the Devil, again with the spoken track as a story, features some pretty cool slide work on the Style O. St. Elmo's Rooms and Pool is one of my favorite tracks on the release. Again delivered in a somewhat spoken manner, MacLeod's vocals suck you into this track. With light breezy guitar work this is one of the most entertaining tracks on the recording. East Carolina Woman is a traditional blues style number with updated delivery. MacLeod plays a pretty nice slide solo on this track on his O tuned to D. Dubb's Talkin' Religion Blues, another talkin blues number, is pretty cool with Cotten pickin' under the dialogue. The final track, Ghost has a eerie kind of swampy sound with vocal and guitar call and response. This is an interesting acoustic blues release that features interesting vocal styling and cool guitar work as well as some very distinct guitar sounds.

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This track isn't from the release but is typical of MacLeod's work.

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