Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Real Gone Music - Dick's Pick Volume 25 - The Grateful Dead

Real Gone Music has got another gem here with the re release of The Grateful Dead's Dick's Pick Volume 25. This four CD (HDCD) set includes classic concert recordings from the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New Haven, CT on May 10, 1978 and the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA on May 11, 1978. Consisting of 35 extended tracks, these recordings are certainly for GD/jam connoisseurs but even for your average music listeners there are some real gems here. The Dick's Picks series which started in 1993 was named for Grateful Dead Dick Latvala who selected shows with the band's approval and oversaw production of the releases. After Latvala's death David Lemieux took over responsibility for the Dick's Picks releases. Some of my favorite tracks on this super deluxe set are Ramble On Rose, Deal, Estimated Profit and Eyes Of the World from the New Haven Show but not to miss extensive jamming on Drums, The Other One and Wharf Rat are also sure to be favorites to Deadheads. (Mickey Hart fans should be in Heaven). In the Springfield set my particular favorites are Looks Like Rain, Loser, New Minglewood Blues, Supplication, Not Fade Away and I gotta comment on the wild guitar solo on Werewolves of London...just a blast. This set is jammed with jam and is bound to be a favorite set. Finishing with Johnny B. Goode you are left wanting even more. OK Deadheads... it's here!

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