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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kevin Breit & the Upper York Mandolin Orchestra - New Release Review

I have just received the newest release, Field Recordings, by Kevin Breit and the Upper York Mandolin Orchestra and it's quite interesting. The recording opens with the title track, Field Recordings, which has a Euro street cafe sound. This is not a simple recording but actually fairly complex musically on a simple theme. Nothing About Us is a really cool track with the palette of a movie soundtrack. Worry Floor has an unusual melody that sticks in your mind sounding a bit like a carousel. The multiple mandolins played by Sarah Corteur, Bradley Chaput, Mel johnson, Candice Sandino, Keith Dooley and Vincent Tallon; the mandolas played by Peter Galkin, Mario Sandino, Susan Hartwick, and Ron Litton; the mandocellos played by Robert Noonan, Cory Delisle and Ron Litton and the double bass played by Russell Boswell come into play orchestral style on the King Kong Strut, a period style quirky piece. Cool! On Heavyweight Champion (of the world) Breit really shines as a vocalist sounding like a fresh Elvis Costello. The band fleets lightly across the strings as the story is delivered. Another nice track. There Was A Girl is a simple little track but beautifully delivered. This is quite folky and could certainly see air play. Weigh Me Down has a very traditional sound with instrumentation of 19th century America but with modern vocal delivery. Another nice track. Johnny Dollar ventures into a little rural country styling with subtle vocal melodies and strumming string instruments. The release closes with Bring Me Down which also crosses near bluegrass country. Remaining on the folk side of the hill, Breit tells his story over some very fine picking. This is a real nice effort and one that is quite different than anything else that I've heard.

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