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Friday, March 29, 2013

Independently Blue - The Duke Robillard Band - New Release Review

I just received the newest (release date April 9, 2013) Duke Robillard release, Independently Blue, and it's killer. Robillard pulls out all of the stops on this release playing some of his best riffs in years. The release opens with Al Basile track I Wouldn't-a Done That, a loping Texas style blues track. Robillard takes a stinging guitar solo on the track and has fine support from Bruce Bears on keys, Brad Hallen on bass, Mark Teixeira on drums and percussion, and featuring guest musicians Monster Mike Welch on guitar, Doug Woolverton on Trumpet and Billy Novick on clarinet. Another Basile track, Below Zero has a real interesting sound with ZZ Top like guitar distortion and a simple blues rock beat. This is a great track! Monster Mike's Stapled To the Chicken's Back is a swing blues instrumental with great lead work. You want to hear classic Robillard, this is it! Robillard and Welch trade smokin' hot riffs on this track pushed along by Hallen and Teixeira. Porter Granger penned Patrol Wagon Blues is an absolute blast calling up all of the swamp of Louisiana and featuring great trumpet mastery by Woolverton and sexy clarinet work by Novick. Robillard plays it crisp on this track but the horns lead the way. Robliiard plays a little jazzy interlude backed by the always great key work of Bears. Original track, Laurene, is a Chuck Berry style rocker and the guitar slingers pull out all the "double" stops. Even a little shimmering bend work is present and Bears adds to the original rock n roll feel. Another Robillard original, Moongate, has a real atmospheric feel with overlayed guitars in the background and reverbed guitars in the front. Really cool. Strollin' With Lowell and BB, another Robillard original, lets the guitar do the talking, swing style. Bears gets the chance to step up front for a while and of course he never wastes a note. Another really nice track. Another Welch original, This Man, This Monster has a really subtle opening playing T Bone Walker style... oh yeah...this is the real deal. As the track opens up, so does the playing. This is one smoking gun! A funky number, Groovin' Slow, finds Hallen pushed forward in the mix. Keeping vocals to a minimum, this is a really nice groove with a lot of guitar riffin' for guitar geeks like me! Finishing with Robillard original, If This Is Love, Duke gives up some of his personal best vocals on the release. Stinging guitar riffs answering each vocal line and the guys hold nothing back on this track. This is a super release and should automatically go to the best of 2013 list prospects!

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