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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Great Music?: Check! Head Honchos' Rock The Blues at Checkerboard Lounge in Chicago

Great Music? Check!
Rock the Blues At Checkerboard Lounge In Chicago
- Friday, March 22 -

"There's a scene in Ghost World where Steve Buscemi ventures to see an acoustic bluesman at a sports bar, and he brushes off a girl hitting on him because she's more into the headliner, Blues Hammer. Head Honchos are like Blues Hammer: as subtle as an uppercut and making Stevie Ray Vaughan sound like Skip James. The band's self-titled debut cannons chunky guitar riffs and cymbal crashes, and turns train songs into party anthems. Buscemi's Seymour would have cringed at how frontman Rocco Calipari Sr. enunciates The Meters' "Fire On The Bayou," but then again Seymour didn't like to have fun and Head Honchos certainly do."                                    ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER
"Anchored by veteran guitarist Rocco Calipari (Howard and the White Boys), Head Honchos' serves up music layered in blues, rock, soul, and funk...Wilson Pickett's "99 1/2 Won't Do" and the Neville's "Fire On The Bayou" mix with fine originals to serve up what you'd hear at any good rocking bar on a Saturday night."     VINTAGE GUITAR   

   (CHICAGO) -  Great music? Check! - in the form of Chicago's Head Honchos', who rock the blues at popular live music niterey the Checkerboard Lounge, 5201 S. Harper, Friday, March 22. 9pm-1 am. $10. Info: (773) 684-1472. The evening is also a birthday celebration for the Checkerboard's longtime owner, LC Thurman.
  Head Honchos' play smokin' Chicago-style blues imbued with elements of rock. The band is also a father/son affair - formed by guitarist Rocco Calipari Sr. (who is also a member of noted longtime Chicago band, Howard and the White Boys) and his son, Rocco Calipari Jr.
  "With their debut release, the Head Honchos' demonstrate a high level of musical maturity and provide a truly enjoyable album from their cover of the Freddie King standard "Going Down"  until the final note on the seventh and last track, "99 1/2 Won't Do," wrote Blues Rock Review in a recent review of the group's eponymous self-titled debut disc.   

   In just over two years together as a working band, Head Honchos' have garnered positive reviews for their self-titled debut release in publications both far (Blues Matters and Metalliville in the U.K.) and near (Blues Source; Vintage Guitar; Chicago Examiner; Bluesrockers; Barrelhouse Blues; Southland Blues; BMans Blues Report; more).  The band are about to record the follow-up to their debut, tentatively titled "Come Strong."     

"Wow! From the opening track, "Goin' Down," this disc had our attention! From there however, things only got better, the next song, "Lucky's Train," had us grooving and enjoying the juicy guitar riffs and righteous vocals - and surprise - it's an original. There are no disappointments on this CD. Every track sparkles with electricity, great guitar, stellar engineering and production, and wonderful vocals. In short, it's a home run...out of the park!"                                                     BARRELHOUSE BLUES         

             Head Honchos' Cd Review (Vintage Guitar)                
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