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Monday, March 11, 2013

Forgive Me - Little Mike and the Tornadoes - New Release Review

I just received a copy of Forgive Me, a release by Little Mike and the Tornadoes and its super! Little Mike Markowitz (vocal and Harp) has assembled a crew of players and together they make a great crew. Opelousas is a really cool instrumental track featuring Troy Nahumko on guitar and Sonny Rhodes on steel. This is a loping Elmore James/Freddie King style track with plenty of room for guitar soloing and Little Mike brings it on harp. Wait A Minute Baby is another track in the Texas groove but pushed with horns and featuring some cool organ work by Jim McKaba. Nothin' I Wouldn't Do has a bit more of the soul sound and isagain backed with the horns giving it an authentic soul sound. Warren King plays a light jazzy guitar solo on this track as well. Tell Me Baby comes out of the gate rompin'. Rhodes plays some cool steel (slide) riffs on this track and Cam Robb (drums) and Chris Brzezicki (bass) keep the bottom on track. Little Mike shows his chops on this track and his vocals are just right. Walked All The Way really gets that Texas groove that SRV made so popular and Nahumko plays a cool extended riff on this track with horns punching the track along. Fool Too Long is a cool easy swing blues lending itself nicely to Nahumko's guitar style. This may be my favorite track on the release. You Don't Love Me is a slow, smooth blues track with sliding guitar chords keeping the melody as Little Mike sings the story line and McKaba plays some really nice piano. Nahumko gets down in the mud and digs out some dirty riffs on this track making it a real nice track as well. Forgive Me Baby (along the lines of Trouble No More)gets the Chicago sound cookin' with solo contributions from McKaba, Nahumko and Little Mike. Traveling Blues has a bit more of a boogie rhythm driven by McKaba and Robb. Little Mike takes a nice solo on this track leaving the door open for some chicken pickin, blues style, from Nahumko.
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