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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blues Leaf Records artists: Nicole Hart and Anni Piper - Split Second - New Release Review

I just received the new release (to be released April 9, 2013), Split Second, from Nicole Hart and Anni Piper and it's quite good! The release opens with a vocal duet rhumba, Can't Let You Go. This track has a good beat and you can dance to it... I mean John Ginty plays a cool organ part on an otherwise primarily radio oriented track. Up next is Clap Your Hands, along the lines of Ray Charles' What I Say. Ron Rauso plays a hot guitar riff on this track and Ginty takes a nice piano and organ solo as well, all driven by the hot shot drumming of Sim Cain. Ain't Nobody Watchin' slows the train down a bit and Sandy Mack steps up on harp. Piper sings nice lead on this track with heavy support from her bass. The Classic rockabilly track, Dream Baby, is covered here very nicely by the duo. Rauso and Ginty take turns throwing a riff into the mix on this track. On You Can't Make Somebody Love You, rich vocal treatment and a swampy spiritual arrangement make this a really strong track. Sugar Ray Norcia's Why Should I Feel So Bad fits really nicely into this set with some of the best vocal work on the recording. Ginty opens up the organ for a nice solo and Rauso plays a really soulful guitar solo as well. Great job! Bad Side Baby takes a trip to Chicago and both Rauso and Mack play smokin' riffs keeping the iron hot. An old Stax track, What Will Later On Be Like, really opens the doors to another sound. This is really soulfully done duet is another vocal highlight of the release. Rauso plays very "Stax like" guitar work on this track and you think the clock is wound back. Really nice! Janis Joplin's One Good Man, is a cool track to set up for this band. Again, Rauso captures a bit of the frantic playing style of the original recordings and Hart and Piper blend nicely. The duet calls up the Everly Brothers (in spirit) on Walk Right Back. Want a trip down Americana ... this is it! Juke Joint Jonny plays a track appropriate guitar solo keeping in balance with the recording. Original Hart track Listen To The Rain Fall, is a really sweet conclusion to the release. Hart's solo vocal against light guitar chords played through heavy tremolo and with a solitary harp the effect is just magic. This is a cool release with a lot of meat for the listener looking for more more polish and vocals and less grit and guitar.

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