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Monday, March 18, 2013

Blind Pig Records artist: Southern Hospitality - Easy Livin' - New Release Review

I just received the new release, Easy Livin' by Southern Hospitality and it's quite enjoyable. This band features three well known blues artists, Damon Fowler, JP Soars and Vistor Wainwright as well as bassist Chuck Riley and drummer Chris Peet. This release has a number of flavors of music due to the diverse but related styles of each artist. Opening with Southern Livin', a funky little easy going pop blues, the band sets a baseline for music to come. This is a well written track with some of the commercial blood of Wet Willie or Little Feat, with a soul twist, but with life of it's own. Long Way Home, a Soars penned track has a bit more rock to it and features a short instrumental break featuring each of the players giving a taste of what is to come. Kind Lies & Whiskey is a really cool Fowler penned swing almost country blues. I really like this track with it's laid back attack. Wainwright plays a nice piano solo on this track. On another Soars penned track, Mile After Mile, the men lay down a track that really sounds like it's off of a Bob Wills or Asleep At The Wheel release and it is really quite cool. Fowler plays some lap steel that actually approaches Hawaiian style which is interesting as well. Wainwright's Certified Lover is a really hot soul style track. The vocals alone on this track are enough to carry the release but with musicians like these, you know there are instrumental features. Wainwright plays a a very warm supportive organ and hot piano parts and Fowler and Soars each play hot guitar riffs. Excellent track! On Willie Bobo's Fried Neck Bones and Home Fries, the track opens with Spanish style lead work which leads into a Latin flavored instrumental showcase featuring quite a bit of guitar over light percussion. This is another really sweet track! Wainwright's Shoestring Budget is a jump style blues track and really gets the place hopping. Wainwright plays boogie on the piano leaving the floor open for some really tasty guitar work by both players. This is another track not to be missed. Fowler penned Don't Feel Like Going There Today has a reggae beat but a real bluesy sound. This may be my favorite track on the release. It has just the right touch of blues, rhythm and guitar with super vocals. Come Back Home, written by Soars is a rock and roller and Wainwright gets the JLL pounding going to drive the track. Fowler takes a distinctive steel guitar solo and then opens the floor for Wainwright and Soars to rip away. Hot dawg! Another Fowler penned track, Powered For The Mountain, has a strong rock/blues basis with a swampy spiritual overtone. This is another really nice track with rippin' guitar work. This would be the powerhouse Led Zeppelin style track off of the release.... and I mean powerhouse! A Martino Laying Jr. track, Don't Boogie Woogie could easily be out of Joe Cockers early 70's repertoire. This is a cool track with a lot rockin' jamming between Wainwright, Soars and Fowler. Closing the release is Fowler's Sky Is What I Breathe, a ballad having the qualities of the best of the pre alt country writers. Very nice. (Think "Wild Horses")

 This is an unusually good release and one that everyone should checkout. There is literally something for everyone.

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