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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blind Pig artist: Sena Ehrhardt - All In - New Release Review

I just received the new release, All In, from Sena Ehrhardt and parts of it are quite amazing. Opening with Buried Alive, Ehrhardt shows her vocal range and seductive singing style. Edward Ehrhardt on guitar plays some smokin' hot guitar riffs elevating the track from a radio play to a "check it out". On All In, a little funk gets stirred into the ballad stew allowing Sena to show a little more depth in her vocal talents. Cold Cold Feeling digs in for winter and E Ehrhardt chokes a real nice intro out of his axe. This track sets up nicely to showcase a bit more substance in Sena's vocal contributions. All of the tracks are solid but a strong track really helps to pull the best from the young artist. Although Sena's vocal style does not really mimic Janis Joplin, the style of this track elicits a bit of the feeling created when listening to old Big Brother tracks, with stylistically creative and frenzied guitar soloing, solid backing from Harold Smith (rhythm guitar), Dave Smith (Bass), Steve Potts (drums) and Sena's rich voice. On Live and Learn, E Ehrhardt sets a nice stage again on guitar ala Freddie King or T Bone Walker and Sena dances lightly between easy vocals and solid brass. On Man Up, a Texas style blues rocker with plenty of double stops and band makes a radio rocker with a solid dance beat, a taste of guitar and a vocal hook to get things rolling. Storm's Coming is a slower blues track but with a soft vocal edge. I am really enjoying E Ehrhardt's guitar work on this track. I know that the recording is supposed to be about Sena, but Edward's work is very strong and I gotta tell it like it is. So Excited is an interesting track with time changes and a pretty decently long guitar solo showing that E Ehrhardt really knows his Texas blues riffs. Finishing up with Dreamin' or Dyin', a solid R&B track which plays nicely into Sena's hand. E Ehrhardt and Smith both play some sonically interesting guitar pieces creating a euphoric backdrop for Sena to complete her set strong.

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