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Friday, March 8, 2013

Big Papa and The TCB - Six Pack of Cool - New release Review

I just received a copy of the new release, Six Pack of Cool by Big Papa and the TCB. The release opens with a real jumper, Papa's In The House, featuring big time horns from Maurice Oliva on sax and Marques Crews on Trumpet. Chris Thayer has a strong voice for this style of music and leads the band out the door, followed by John Mila De La Roca on piano. Thayer plays a scorching guitar solo and Steve Brown (bass) and Ray Wilson (drums) bring up the bottom. Big Bad Blues has a real New Orleans flavor with strong marching dance beat over the brass. A clever track with a lot of umph. Oliva plays a wicked solo on this track and Crews follows suit. On 200 lbs of Trouble, Thayer plays a very stylistically cool guitar solo ...check it out! On Drink Drank Drunk, a fast paced jump tune along the lines of Louis Jordan, everyone gets a chance to romp. Cool track! A Lil' Bit O' Somethin' is another quick paced jump track and it would be hard to keep the rockers from dancing all the night away with this track. MDLR romps on the keys followed by Crews on trumpet. Thayer steps up and plays some really fluid riffs and opens the door for Oliva who really does an outstanding job on sax. On of my personal favorites is Murder In The First Degree when the band turns down the tempo but not the heat. Playing with a lot of slow trill gusto, the horns really play it out and just the right touch of reverb gives a great effect by Thayer on the guitar. Another sweet solo by Oliva is featured and you wont hear me complaining. On Wait Till Yo Daddy Getz Home that band takes a bit more of a swing stance and Thayer throws a new bag of riffs at us. Very tasty playing with double stops and vibrato on double stops with hot blues riffs. This may be the best track on the release. Showtime starts with just a butt whippin tempo guitar riffs and horn riffs. Thayer shows without being a show off that he really means business. First up on solo is MDLR and then Oliva and then Crews (and closed by Thayer and chorus). This band is hot! Finishing up the release is My Way back Home,  a slow piano blues and Thayer demonstrates that his vocals are also really strong for ballads. This soulful track is a perfect showcase for his vocal styling, accompanied by MDLR and with a smokin muted trumpet solo by Crews.

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