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Friday, February 22, 2013

Secretly Famous - The Rev Jimmie Bratcher - New Release Review

Got another new one here for ya! Just received the new release, Secretly Famous, from The Rev Jimmie Bratcher. The release opens with Jupiter and Mars a cool laid back Texas style blues number. I like the drone note blues style used on rhythm and the slide work is just a taste of what's to come on later. 57, a tribute track to the Shure SM57 microphone is a great sticky funk number. I like Bratcher's voice and Craig Kew brings a nice bass line on this track shoring up strong guitar work by the Rev. This track has the light funk attack that I've seen used by my friend Hamilton Loomis as well as others and it's a lot of fun. Feels Like Friday is a driving jazzy blues track with rhythm sounding a bit like Golden Earring. This is a much cooler track. I hope that the Rev gets as much mileage out of it. The Rev stretches a sweet solo on this track showing his super taste. Check Your Blues At The Door is a blues rock shuffle with just north of a Texas lope. Never over the top guitar soloing nicely compliments The Rev's fine vocals. JD Loudermilk's Tobacco Road gets a total makeover and certainly almost a different from the first cover of it that I head by Edgar Winter. This is done as a straight out rocker and to cool result. Nowhere To Go But Down has a bit of what to me sounds like a British blues feel ... reminds me of early Savoy Brown but with a definite twist. Kew plays some real nice bass lead on this track with The Rev keeping it contained and Lester Estelle keeping the drums solid. Bratcher plays a real nice jazz influenced solo as a sweet diversion to this tack giving it an entire different texture. When I Fall Apart is another track that gets a cool rock funk to it and a I think that the band does a real nice job on it as well as adds some interesting vocal harmonies to an already cool track. Rick Steff adds some keys on this track rounding out the mix. The Rev pulls out a real unexpected number with the Association's Never My Love. This is a real clean version of the original track but with a little soul added to the mix. Nice job! I Can't Shake That Thing is another cool funky blues rock track and you all know what a sucker I am for this stuff. The Rev has a super voice for this music and Estelle does a nice job of driving this train. Bratcher plays some cool blues riffs on this track and all of a sudden the dance floor is full...sit the hell down...I can't see! The looser Bologna Sandwich Man is a little 2 step kind of track with a slick little slide guitar work. Overall this is a really cool release and one I think anyone liking their blues funky style served up with some cool guitar isn't gonna wanna miss!

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