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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rip Cat Records artist: Lisa Cee - My Turn - New Release Review

I just received the debut release, My Turn, by Lisa Cee and there are some hot riffs in here! The recording opens with a blues rocker, What Good Am I, along the lines of Messin' With the Kid. This track, featuring Cee vocal talents with heavy influence of R&B, gets the listener energized and ready for what's to come. Fire In The Sky has a funky beat and BR Millon takes a real nice guitar solo displaying great tone. Ron Dzuibla pushes up the bottom with his sax on this track. Lost You, a soulful bluesy ballad is up next giving Cee a great opportunity to lay it all out there and she does a really nice job. Scott Abeyta and Millon play some real soulful guitar riffs on this track. Good-Bye Baby has a solid Texas boogie style and again Abeyta and Millon team up to play some really hot guitar riffs. Fire is a really funky track with Dzuibla adding some over the top sax riffs on a cooking bass track laid down by Mike Hightower. My Turn is a quiet ballad with minimal accompaniment. A track that is highly airplay friendly with Abeyta adding nice slide guitar work. Cee does an interesting take on I'll Take You There, adding a little jazz and a little Latin guitar to an already swinging gospel style track. Likely the best overall track on the release, Right Man opens with a real nice harp solo from Johnny Mastro. A swinging blues track, gives Mastro the opportunity to stretch out a bit and Cee's voice is as comfortable on this track as most anywhere on the release. Stop Trying, a short radio player is again driven buy the funky bottom of Hightower and with drums by Albert Trepagnier Jr. Millon rips some strong accents on guitar on this track as well. Blues ballad Bright Shiny World, is strongly constructed along the lines of Albert Kings, As The Years Go Passing By. Cee shows her natural talent as a vocalist on this track, with some smooth B3 action by Edo Guidotti and nice ripping guitar work from Millon. Cold Hearted Woman takes a march down Bourbon Street with smart jazz march drumming from Trepagnier Jr. Millon again has a real nice spot to show his touch as a guitarist, not dominating the track but very tasty. Evil Mind has that smokey, funky R&B sound and Cee blends her voice nicely into the mix. Again I like the quiet soloing of Millon under the tune carried by Hightower and Trepagnier Jr. who also add backing vocals. Cee steps into the mist covering a sacred cow, White Rabbit (Grace Slick). She does a nice job on this track and the horn work of Dziubla is really cool. Already Free is a solid acoustic style vocal ballad with Chris McCarthy on cello. This is not a blues track but I think it may be my favorite vocal work on the release. All in all a very interesting release.
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