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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Live At the 55 Arts Club Berlin - The Lucky Peterson Band featuring Tamara Peterson Pt. 3

This is the third installment of my review of this exceptional concert video. Disk 3 features Shawn Kellerman, Tim Waites and Raul Valdes jamming on their own. Opening with Matt "Guitar" Murphy's Boogie Thang, Kellerman brings the band to full boil on the first track. This band is tight and rockin'. Kellerman plays a metal bodied guitar that I'm not familiar with but it sounds very cool. Up next is Pretty Woman, a song made popular by Albert King, and Kellerman and give it a full workout. Switching back to his butterscotch Tele, Kellerman plays some funky riffs with a Tele twang but reinforces that Muddy, Roy and Mike were on the right track with the Tele for a rock and blues guitar. The solid bottom of Waites is always driving and Valdes has great hands. Buddy Ace's Love Of Mine, is next up in shuffle style. Kellerman;s vocals are adequate on this track but the overall enthusiasm of the band and Kellerman as a guitar player well make it a worthwhile addition. Last in the set is a Kellerman original called Big Time. A cool track with a rock beat and Texas guitar riffs the trio has one final chance to shine. The second section of this disc, behind The Scenes, follows the bands landing in Berlin and traveling the countryside and setting up the set to Peterson playing a great version of Mother In Law Blues. The set up and sound check continues on I Wanna Know What Good Love Is, Move On You, Who's Been talking and Love Me with brief interviews with Lucky and Tamara. The final musical section shows the band playing Trouble full blast instrumentally... WOW, but Peterson laying back on the vocals. The wrap up is an interview with Lucky and Tamara telling a bit about their meeting, earlier visit to Berlin, the creation of the current line up, writing, gospel influence, instrument of choice, touring, and other musical influences and styles. This is a very well produced set and I have gained an enhanced interest in Lucky's work and a special appreciation for him. I really enjoy his playing on Hammond especially and also find his guitar work entertaining. This is a really good set overall and if you get a chance to catch it, or see Lucky live, you should do it! Also be sure to look back in the earlier reviews for summary of the other two discs.  

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