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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Karelia to release new album "Golden Decadence"

French metal rockers Karelia are set to release a new album in the UK with "Golden Decadence" on 15th April 2013 through Rocksector Records.
Karelia was formed with a deep will to play popular, multi-layered metal, staying free from cliché and genre-typical settings. Following the release of their self-produced demo and shows with acts such as Kamelot, Karelia signed in 2003 with Drakkar/Sony-BMG and released two albums, "Usual Tragedy" (2004) and "Raise" (2005).
Across these albums the music was opulent with driving drum parts, progressive rhythms and hard-as-nails guitar riffs, all blended with anthemic choir parts, imposing string arrangements and more than a hint of references to classical composers. Early success was evident, especially in Japan where Burn magazine ranked "Usual Tragedy" 4th in its' metal charts. Germany, Russia and Brazil also embraced the band.

After a hiatus, a musical re-direction was forged as the writing for a third album "Restless" took place, with a dark electro vibe, whilst on the management side a partnership with Music For Ever was cemented. Music For Ever placed Karelia as opening band with Scorpions on tour in France and in front of thousands of people at those shows Karelia came of age as a rock/metal act and the catchy songs appealed incredibly well to this audience. The band also played shows with Freedom Call and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter.
Inspired especially by their experiences at the Scorpions shows, Karelia set about writing a brand new rock/metal album and a sound has been assembled combining the various ingredients which have influenced the band, with a groove-laden industrial and electronic side combining effortlessly with melodic catchy anthems and crunching guitars.
The band's fourth album "Golden Decadence" is to be released on 15th April 2013 in UK & Europe (except France where it's already available via Season Of Mist). The album also benefits from guest performances on solos and additional guitars on the tracks "Keep Watch On Me" and "The Way Across The Hills" by Rudolf Schenker of Scorpions fame.
The lead track from the album is "Vanity Label" for which a music video is also available.
Meanwhile, Karelia prepare for the following UK shows as special guests with Michael Schenker on his Temple of Rock tour.
Read the Michael Schenker - Temple Of Rock UK Tour press release HERE.

Band members: Matt Kleiber: vocals and FX | Jack Ruetsch: Guitars
Sam Clauss: Guitars | Phil Sissler: Bass | Fr-edd Seiler: Drums

Solos and additional guitars on "Keep Watch On Me" and
"The Way Across The Hills" by Rudolf Schenker

Drums on "Golden Decadence" are played by Neon

Bass on "Golden Decadence" is played by Gilles Thiebaut except
"Out For A Walk" played by Phil Sissler

Additional grunt vocals on "War Party" by Sam Clauss

Additional nylon guitars on "Child Has Gone" by Erwan Morice

The bonus tracks are acoustic versions of previously released Karelia songs

Produced, recorded and mastered by Renaud Hebinger/Matt Kleiber

Artwork and Design by Matt Kleiber/Camille Groh

Publishing Rights: Music For Ever and Matt Kleiber

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