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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blackbird Music artist: Lucky Peterson Band featuring Tamara Peterson - Live At The 55 Arts Club Berlin - New Release Review I (CD/DVD)

I just received a copy of the new release (February 12, 2013), Live At The 55 Arts Club Berlin, by Lucky Peterson Band. First I have to tell you that this package is incredibly overwhelming. This is 2 CD's and 3 DVD's of pure dynamite! A full 20 page concert package with forward by Andreas Hommelsheim, Photos and Bios of each band member, setlists for each disc (the 2 CD's are audio versions of the frst 2 DVDs) and of course credits.
The concert opens with the band playing an intro and the sound quality is spectacular. Peterson is brought on stage by guitarist Shawn Kellerman playing a beautiful butterscotch customized (If I was a betting man I'd say Nash) Nocaster. Peterson makes his way onto stage and behind his Hammond B3 (and Roland RD-700) singing the crankin' I'm Back Again. He makes introductions of the band and each player is distinct in the mix. I love it when a bass player cuts through the mix and is clean and Tim Waites is really pushing the bottom end on a beautiful spalted maple ESP LTD 6 string bass. Raul Valdez is a drummer's drummer keeping complex rhythms on the cymbals while keeping a crisp beat on what looks like Pearl drums. This is particularly noticeable on Smooth Sailing, a funky blues track. Peterson's voice is spot on and he really uses the organ effectively. Next up is the soul/gospel/blues style track, Trouble, and Peterson has the audience in his hands. This is an absolutely show stopping track. Peterson breaks from the organ mid song to strap on a white thin line hollow body Greg Bennett Samick guitar and rip a quick solo. He then breaks into a Freddie King inspired rockin' blues jam. Peterson enters the audience and shows everyone what a real muiti instrumentalist is! Peterson continues his concert sitting at a table in the audience playing Burnett's classic Little Red Rooster and then Dixon's classic You Shook Me. As you're sitting there with your mouth hanging open you're wondering... is this guy a singer, an organ player or a guitar player.
I assure you... he is absolutely all three!! This is killer! Peterson's wife Tamara Peterson joins at the end of this track on vocals and the bands kicks into a whole new gear. Lucky transitions back to the B3 for a really funky Knocking. The band continues with Tamara as the lead vocalist on How Do I, Why Do I. Lucky adds a really solid vocal anchor to this track. Kellerman rips a blistering solo on this track and the ever present bass lines of Waites are really hot. I Don't Like You But I Love You, another Tamara Peterson composition has a Latin rhythm which is really crisply handled by Valdez. Despite relinquishing center stage, Lucky still maintains control of the crowd and is a spectacular performer. The band breaks into full swing like a good blues should and the Peterson's trade vocals. Lucky opens Been So Long with a "vocal" programmed into his Roland adding a really cool feel. It actually has a bit of a JG Watson "scat" feel but then at the hands of Peterson reverts to extremely short notes.... I mean really nice. Peterson has a smile that is hard not to love. He is a born entertainer. Kellerman plays another sweet solo on his Nocaster and gets great tone bringing the the entire band up and the track to a wide open blues bonanza. Lucky takes it back down and riffs on the Hammond ... and then in concert with Waites into a smooth jazz jam. The Roland is back up with the vocal synth again and Peterson shows his absolute creativity. The band follows back full circle to complete this terrific track in full blues style. R&B style track I Wanna Know What Good Love Is comes on strong and funky. Tamara gets under the beat and creates great dynamics with Peterson on this track. This is another super track and should get really strong airplay. Again I need to comment on the strength of the rhythm section. I really admire the work done by both Waites and Valdes.
The band close the first DVD (CD) with Lost The Right. Lucky leads the way on guitar and vocal but sharing the stage with Tamara. This is a nice loping blues track giving Waites another opportunity to play really nice bass lines under such a strong performance. This package is so strong that it deserves multiple write ups. I will be reviewing Disc 2 separately and really can't wait. I can honestly say that Lucky Peterson won't be through this town without me seeing him again just based upon this first disc. If you support live Blues acts, up and coming Blues talents and want to learn more about Blues news and Fathers of the Blues, ”LIKE” ---Bman’s Blues Report--- Facebook Page! I’m looking for great talent and trying to grow the audience for your favorite band!

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