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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alligator Records artist: Jesse Dee - On My Mind / In My Heart - New Release Review

I have just received the newest release, On My Mind/In My Heart by Jesse Dee. This is a strong Soul/R&B style recording with 11 fresh tracks all composed by Jesse Dee except for Track 5 by Jesse Dee & Jeremy Gustin, and Track 10 by Jesse Dee & Aaron Clodfelter. The title track, On My Mind/In My Heart opens the recording with a surprisingly strong vocal style topped with horns and and a modern rhythmic swing. No Matter Where I Am is second up and reinforces that this is no one hit recording, being another very strong track. Fussin' And Fightin' has a familiar soul base and definitely has strong roots in earlier soul recordings. I love the contemporary Neo soul movement with D'Angelo and Badu but this is the sound of an earlier day. I Won't Forget About You is an uptempo R&B track propelling this into the serious days of the R&B dominated market. Tell Me (Before It's Too Late) is a cool laid back soul style track giving Dee a chance to demonstrate his vocal skills. The band takes all of the clues from an earlier day keeping with the authenticity of the experience. What's A Boy Like Me To Do is a great track among a great group of tracks. This is simple, straightforward and smooth. Sweet Tooth crosses over between the R&B and rock music with a fast dance track. This is another track that is bound to gather a lot of attention. Boundary Line may be my favorite track on the recording bringing to mind great soul songs of the past. Well written, constructed and performed. If you like heavily vocal oriented soul and R&B tracks, "made like they used to make 'em", it would be hard for me to recommend a better recording.
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Here's an acoustic version of Boundary Line:

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