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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

VizzTone Records artist: Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones - What's it Gonna Take - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, What's it Gonna Take, from Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones. Doug is joined by Dennis Gruenling on harmonica, Andrew Gohman on bass and Devin Neel on drums and vocals. The release opens with the title track, What's It Gonna Take, a simple early rock blues track with tasty harp and guitar riffs. Think Hard has the lope of a classic Chicago blues track with a harp chaser. One Good Reason again revisits the early days of blues rock or rockabilly. Neel and Deming sing a little harmony and Greunling plays some nice harp. Deming plays some classic guitar riffs keeping the bop going. Poison Ivy moves the heavy rhythm guitar to the upbeat and creates the signature decade sound. Greunling plays what sounds like a chromatic harp and swings it quite well. An Eye For An Eye really slows the tempo and digs in to Muddy Waters territory for a solid city blues track. Greunling echoes Demings voice on harp and Deming keeps the rhythm guitar quiet under the harp solo lead. I Want You To Be My Baby, a classic jump blues track, is performed with spirit and enthusiasm. This track really gives Greunling the opportunity to blow the doors off and he follows through with some really sweet harp work. Deming follows his lead with some period correct guitar riffs and right back to the meat of this track which is the enthusiastic delivery of the vocals. No Big Thrill has a strong Texas rhythm and a really cool feel to it. Deming drilling the rhythm guitar and Greunling complimenting his vocals throughout sets a cool stage for this track. Stay Away has a particular 60's sound to it. I hear what sounds like organ but none is credited. This is overlayed with simple drum rhythm and vocal. There is a cool guitar solo through a processor on this track. Lucky Charm gets back to the Chicago swing sound and a classic blues attack with vocal and harp. Both Deming and Greunling take time to play some cool riffs on this track. A Pretty Girl again visits the early rock blues style with a swing component, warm guitar chords and vocal harmonies. Deming plays a particularly stylistic guitar solo on this track and Greunling shares the space with him on some fine harp work. Bella's Boogie, the final track, is done in pure jump style and the guys pull out the stops for a fine blues rockin' instrumental.

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