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Friday, November 2, 2012

Vizztone artist:Dennis Gruenling - Rockin' All Day - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Rockin' All Day, from Dennis Gruenling and it's a flat out blast! Gruenling, joined by his touring partner, Doug Deming (guitar and vocals)Andrew Gohman on bass, Scott Hornick on bass, Devin Nell on drums, Tom Papadatos on drums and Dave Gross on piano really know how to make the place jump. Beginning with Rockin' All Day, Deming takes the vocal spot and plays some hot riffs but Gruenling shows why he is considered one of the top harp players on the planet. On Roll Your Moneymaker, Deming keeps the vocal slot and plays tight little riffs opening the door again for Gruenling to play over the top riffs. The mix is really solid on these recordings making a huge difference. One of the observations that I have about people who make classic blues recordings is lack of clarity in the recording. This recording sounds really authentic but the instruments aren't muddy or hidden. They are clear and distinct. Deming plays an outro on guitar that again has the heart of the original recordings. Original track, The Rev is a real blistering harp track ( listening?)! This is the kind of track that really blasts along and Deming gets his chance to play some blistering riffs as well. Spectacular. The classic Saturday Night Fish Fry is always a favorite and the band plays it like it is the first time it has been played. Deming's delivery on vocals retains the curiosity that was shown on the original track and it sounds fresh and fun. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer has a much more laid back tempo than what is most often heard today setting the table for some really smooth guitar soloing and soulful harp work. She's So Pretty comes right off Muddy's song sheet but Gruenling plays some great riffs under the melody and Deming's solid guitar playing drives the band on and Gohman keeps the bottom tight. The harp work on this track in particular has just the right tone. Warm, distorted and crisp. You Can Do No Wrong is a real blues rocker opening the door for Gruenling and Deming to play some cool out of the box rock riffs. On It Went Down Easy, Gruenling takes the lead on vocals for a retro blues track. Deming again plays some really tasty riffs on guitar and Gruenling keeps the groove with his notorious harp tone. 2:22A.Am, another Gruenling original instrumental takes a slow pace and Gruenling plays some beatifically articulated harp lead. This is a great track! No jump release would be complete without Bloodshot Eyes and here it is. The difference in this inclusion is that it is done with great feeling and respect and humor. The delivery is lively and full of life. Actin' Crazy, a Deming original has the total Chicago swing sound coaxing the best from Gruenling on harp and some unusually low harp phrasing. This is a really solid track making you stomp your foot as you enjoy this terrific band. Another original Gruenling track, Hotso, wraps up the release. This lively rhythmic instrumental track is a crisp ending to a really enjoyable recording. This is one you'll leave in your player for a long time!

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