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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Trashman - $5Sugar

The Five Dollar Sugar, of Tulsa, OK, is really something that must be heard, as words can fall short. Setting the stage for a new generation of true musicians, $5 Sugar is putting their trademark "Bluedirt" sound on the map. Blending a wide variety of blues, rock, country, jazz, and folk, they bring an unparalleled energy to any ear they touch. Still in their freshman year, The Sugar has already been featured three times on 97.5 KMOD, placed 2nd in The Tulsa Blues Society's 9th Annual Blues Challenge, opened the stage for two national acts and have released one acoustic album, one live album and two full length albums. Joshua "Too Loud" Yarbrough Joshua Yarbrough's heart belongs to the blues. You can hear this influence in almost all of his original tunes. A local Tulsa boy, Josh started playing around town in 2005, and his buzz has been growing ever since. It's hard to categorize Joshua Yarbrough into one genre of music, as his sound is as diverse as it is heartfelt. At any given show you'll hear some blues, country, classic rock, folk, and even the occasional beatnik ballad. In 2011 he was nominated for an Absolute Best of Tulsa Award, in the R&B Category. After fronting and playing in every band he could, playing with Oklahoma Blues and Jazz Music Hall of Fame members Harry Williams, Rocky Frisco, and a number of others, Joshua found himself opening shows for blues legends Guitar Shorty and Watermelon Slim. Joshua competed in the Blues Society of Tulsa's Blues Challenge on three different occasions, most recently with The Five Dollar Sugar (placing second at the Historic Cain's Ballroom). After years of playing Tulsa in various formations of "The Joshua Yarbrough Band", Joshua now wields his searing guitar licks, wailing harp tones, and heart-dropping voice as the front man of Tulsa own Five Dollar Sugar. "Big" Joshua Eatmon Hailing from Tulsa, Joshua Eatmon carries a rhythmic force to be reckoned with. Rasied on the music of James Brown, Tower Of Power, The Temptations, and The Allman Brothers, Joshua started singing and playing drums in chruch, at age 10. He grew to learn orchestral percussion, as well as being heavily influenced by drummers Dennis Chambers, Carter Beauford, and Christopher Coleman. Now 26, he has spent 4 years touring with inspirational Christian artist Michael Gungor, and backed current Tulsa blues star Steve Proyor on many occasions. As the rock-solid foundation of The Five Dollar Sugar, Joshua Eatmon can't help but turn heads all across Tulsa. Dusty "Low Down, Dirty Rotten" Robison Dusty began playing music at the age of 12 and never looked back. Having been brought up by a mixture of musicians in and around his family, he quickly developed musical skills. By mixing certain genre's of music together thoughout the years Dusty has created his own original sound. In 2004 he joined the band A.D.D and was featured on the album 'Moodswings'. Later that year A.D.D featured as the supporting act for Shooter Jennings and Teddy Gieger at The Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, Ok. Later, he went on to play with Optimistic To A Fault and Standing Ape Count. Having won Gorilla Production's Battle of the Bands, Standing Ape Count recieved a twenty hour recording session and released thier album "Muda Erph" in 2009. In 2010 he signed a recording contract at Deka Records with a band called Zero Crossing. Dusty wrote and co-produced the tittle track of Zero Crossing's album 'Story of My Life'. Later, that same year, he was featured in two seperate groups that were nominated for three Absolute Best Of Tulsa music awards. Rap/Rock group The Ne'er Do Well was nominated for Best Hip Hop and featured as the supporting act for Bone Thugs at The Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, Ok. Southern Rock group Ransom James was nominated for Best Newcomer and Best Live Rock Band of the year. Later, the group recorded the album 'Uncle Don's Appleshine' and took a tour to Memphis on 'The American Hero Ride'. All proceeds from the album went to the Veterans Hospital in Memphis Tenn. In Sept. 2011 Dusty performed with Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame member, Curly 'No Shoes' Jr. at The Eighth Annual Tulsa Blues Challenge. In That same month he went on to perform with yet another Oklahoma Blues Hall of Famer, Harry Williams, at The Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame 'Dusk Til Dawn' festival in Rentiesville, OK. In March, 2012 Dusty performed with Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame member Johnny Rawls at The Cimarron Bar in Tulsa, Ok. Since then Dusty has shared the stage with local legends and Hall of Famer's such as Rocky Frisco, Bob Withrow, Billy Snow and Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame Co-founder, Selby Miner. He is a former member of The Kevin Pharris Band, The O.T.S.B. and is currently doing his solo project, Dirty Rotten and performing with The $5 Sugar. He has been quoted to be one the strongest, most versitile bassist in Oklahoma. He has set his sites high in the music industry and aim's to be inducted to The Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame in the not so distant future. Timothy "Timbo" Kelly Born in Tulsa, OK, raised in Billings, MT, Timbo Kelly is a grab bag of musical prowess. Heavily rooted in blues, jazz, rock, and folk, Timbo didn't stop at simply learning guitar. Playing piano, mandolin, banjo, cello, and saxophone (just to name a few), Timbo cut his teeth across all genres of Tulsa. From latin-blues-funk quintet David's Bandana, to acoustic heavy metal legend Chuk Cooley, Timbo has yet to find a sound he couldn't get in on. After studying music theory at TCC, attaining a certification in Pro Tools engineering at SongSmith Records in Broken Arrow, OK, and being nominated for 7 different Absolute Best of Tulsa Awards, he has found his home with The Five Dollar Sugar. 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