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Friday, November 2, 2012

Rave Reviews for Rocker Richie Onori's New Album "The Days Of Innocence"


Rave Reviews For Rocker Richie Onori's New Album, The Days Of Innocence

"Onori's 'Days Of Innocence' is intelligent and well-produced, allowing you to appreciate the obvious talent throughout. A verifiable knockout home run."
                                                       ROCK OVER AMERICA

"The quintessential DIYer making a living making music."
                                                       HUFFINGTON POST

"The Days Of Innocence' lives up to its name with catchy blues/rock and poppy tunes, several ballads,and poignant touches of nostalgia for simpler bygone days..."
                                                       SCREAMER MAGAZINE 

"Richie Onori still rocks! Much like Genesis drummer Phil Collins, Onori steps out of his comfort zone to produce music that is both expressive and sincere. An emotional audio adventure."                                    LOS ANGELES EXAMINER  
"Insightful, introspective, and adventurous...title cut 'Days Of Innocence' has a great Van Morrison-meets-Don McLean sound. Fun with hooks that won't leave your cranium." 

"Opening track 'Days of Innocence' has a definite warmth and familiarity like a pop tune that you have known all your life...I hear definite touches of Van Morrison, Elvis Costello and David Bowie with a California twist. Not bad company!"                                             
                                                     BMANS BLUES REPORT

"Was totally captivated by the song 'Days Of Innocence' the first time I heard it...the variety of music on the album provided one surprise after another. Well-written and produced with something to awesome CD from beginning to end."
                                                     ROCKTHIZ MAGAZINE     

                                           Richie Onori  - Biography
     Many people would consider drumming for one of the most iconic bands of the 70s the pinnacle of a music career. But for Richie Onori, drummer for The Sweet ("Ballroom Blitz", "Fox On The Run") and the band Heaven and Earth, it is only the beginning.
    Richie Onori got his first break when he was 16 playing with the group ? and the Mysterians (who had the hit song "96 Tears"). He then joined the group Satyr. With a cast of amazing musicians this band opened shows in Canada for Alice Cooper as well as Aerosmith.
     Richie made his mark on the music scene as a world-class drummer, having played and recorded with a diverse cross-section of artists such as Keith Emerson, Richie Sambora, Louis Johnson, Ronnie James Dio, Paul Rodgers, Slash, and Steve Lukather before joining The Sweet.
     Now, Richie has released his own CD, entitled "Days Of Innocence", a collection of songs imbued with influences of the classic California blues/rock scene that he grew up with in LA's San Fernando Valley in the 60s and 70s. A prolific songwriter, Richie speaks from his heart and says what's on his mind. As usual with Richie, it was soon evident that he would need more than one album to say what he wanted to say and he decided to release two CDs, giving himself room to explore both his emotional journeys ("Days of Innocence") and his spirituality and social commentary (the upcoming "American Fighters") within the frame of an infectiously grooving blues/rock sound, ably assisted by the talents of a roster of heavy hitters with whom he has played over the years.
     Like drummers Dave Grohl and Phil Collins, Richie brings his impeccable groove and rock-solid pocket to the table as a component of his larger concept. In addition to drumming, Richie is also an accomplished guitarist, singer, songwriter - and business entrepreneur. He has a very successful line of guitar straps, Onori Guitar Straps, and is the US distributor for Albion Amplifiers.
     Keeping up with even one of those careers would be enough for most people, but for Richie it's all in a day's work. As successful as these endeavors have been, his first priority is making music that speaks about what's important to him as a person, and in a larger sense as a citizen of America and of the world, and the common thread is connection and communication. Richie Onori is driven by a creative spark that enables him to thrive in a variety of endeavors, and redefine the word 'artist'.
    When it came to his own musical vision, his interests and accomplishments in so many different spheres led to the development of Richie Onori not simply as a musician or an artist, but as a brand. The Onori brand represents creativity, positive energy, communication and integrity, and these values are expressed in everything he undertakes. He succeeds in the business world by bringing an artist's perspective to his companies, with an innate understanding of what other artists need and want (his strap line's motto is "For musicians, by musicians"), and his music reflects his personal and social outlook and experiences. Richie says, "As we sink deeper into our mechanized and corporate worlds, all we can hope for is that the artist can rise to the occasion and help shape our world and realities with real vision, truth and leadership".
    'Rise to the occasion' he does. Richie walks the talk, and believes music is a vehicle that can be used to communicate truth and awareness, as well as to promote change. With this in mind, Richie Onori has put together a body of work that reflects his multifaceted life - and speaks directly to his audience as well, with a multi-layered approach all his own. Richie is on a journey of the heart, of the mind, and of the spirit, and he invites you to come along for the ride - but, be warned - if you're with Richie, you had better fasten your seat belt! Exhilarating, inspiring, and energizing - so hang on tight!
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