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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Giant Giant Sand

Giant Giant Sand 
November 8
with The Old Ceremony

Listen to a track from their new album Tucson!
Giant Giant Sand - The Sun Belongs to You
Giant Giant Sand - The Sun Belongs to You

Just when you thought Giant Sand couldn't get any bigger, Howe Gelb has done just that by regrouping, expanding and magnifying his vision with the newest version of Giant Sand, calling it (appropriately enough) GIANT GIANT SAND. As a sort of homage, he's named the album "Tucson" after the town he's called home for forty years.    

In GIANT GIANT SAND you will recognize the members all hailing from Denmark who have been a part of Giant Sand for the last 10 years, plus the new string section now added and also the inclusion of stunning pedal steel player Maggie Bjorklund.  In addition, you'll be introduced to the new musicians from Howe Gelb's native Tucson making their Giant Sand debuts along with long time collaborator Lonna Kelley lending her smoldering warble from Phoenix.  

The GIANT GIANT SAND lineup includes Brian Lopez, Gabriel Sullivan and Jon Villa who bring their Mex-Amer-i-can zing to the album with a permeating cumbia style of playing, drawing on South American traditional music. Joining them is a string section from Aarhus, Denmark introduced to the band by SeƱor Lopez (where coincidentally the rest of Giant Sand are from) including violinist Iris Jakobsen, who, ironically, was born in Tucson. No man could've planned it better here when Fate is the founding father.

Giant Giant Sand - We Don't Play Tonight (Live)
Giant Giant Sand - We Don't Play Tonight (Live)

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