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Favorite Reviews For The Charles Burton Blues Band's Album

   Favorite Reviews For The Charles Burton Blues Band Album, "Favorites"                     
"Recorded at the end of one of Charles Burton's tours, this session features eleven favorite songs that bring instant recognition when he sings 'em. With the leader playing guitar, Arnold Ludvig on bass and Asmus Jensen on drums, each selection comes through clearly with plenty of energy to spare. Burton sings forcefully and delivers a clear lyric, but it's the band that drives each message loud and clear. They appear to be on top of their game, as seamless as a blanket and as tight as a workshop vise."  
                                                                                                          SOUTHLAND BLUES

"As a blues guitarist and songwriter/singer, Charles Burton has released four CDs - two with fabulous songs of his own pennings and two giving loving care to blues and r&b covers..."                                                                                        SAN DIEGO ACOUSTIC    
"'Favorites' provides a great vehicle for The Charles Burton Blues Band to showcase their tight ensemble playing...the band sets a great groove and allows the music to breathe. Tight, light, and with plenty of soul - just the way we like it."           BARRELHOUSE BLUES

"A very adept and soulful guitarist, Charles treats us to many familiar tunes...he even gets his Classics IV groove on with 'Spooky." Guitar work is constructed very nicely...each tune here will ring true to you, familiarity is good on many levels."                              BLUES 411

"Burton has put together eleven of his favorite tunes and has created a pretty entertaining album...a tight rendition of Duke Robillard's "Tell Me Why" opens the recording getting started down the Texas-style blues path...nice job Charles and congratulations on a cool CD."                                                                                               BMANS BLUES REPORT

"...A team of talented tune-smiths...the Johnny 'Guitar' Watson  cut "Gangster Of Love" features some noteworthy guitar work and further proves the band can really work their faves and yet remain true to the spirit of the genre."                                     L.A. EXAMINER

"Good blues guitarist with a good enough voice to handle all the material here (on 'Favorites')...for straight blues, best effort here is Duke Robillard's 'Tell Me Why.'"                                                                                                                                       BLUES BYTES

"One never gets tired of listening to the great music and The Charles Burton Blues Band certainly knows how to deliver up these favorites...delivered with the energy,simplicity and authority that only a seasoned three-piece blues band can, "Favorites" is a must-have for the discriminating music connoisseur."                                                      BOOMEROCITY 

"These renditions of some great Blues and R&B tunes does more than justice to them, and defines the difference between a cover and an interpretation."     ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE

"Guitarist/singer Charles Burton plays with fire, and when he does, his articulation and phrasing are instantly recognizable."                                        BLUES FESTIVAL E-GUIDE

"Rockwired's Jazzed And Blues presents Charles Burton, San Diego's Blues Ambassador to the World."                                                                                                     ROCKWIRED

"Another good name I recommend for you to check out is guitarist Charles Burton....his playing deserves your serious attention!"                                                   GUITAR ON SKY
"American Veterans Radio is proud to bring to the World  The Charles Burton Blues Band as our Spotlight Artist of the Week!"                                    AMERICAN VETERANS RADIO

  Check out Burton's skillful guitar playing on a live version of the track "Gangster Of Love."

                                               Charles Burton - A Brief Bio
 Born in Los Angeles in 1958, Charles Burton plays with fire, and when he does, his articulation and phrasing are instantly recognizable. This tall drink of water has been playing Blues, Country, Rock, and Roots music for over forty years. He has played lead guitar in Country bands in Los Angeles (1970's), Honolulu (1980's), Tokyo (1990's), and Fresno, California. He headlined the Fresno Blues Festival playing with the late great Hosea Leavy in 1995. As a blues guitarist and singer, he has released four CDs with the Charles Burton Blues Band, and has toured Europe headlining festivals, culture houses, and clubs twice a year since 2005. In 2007/2008 he toured Scandinavia with Maury "Hooter" Saslaff (Big Jack Johnson and the Oilers), playing over 200 gigs in seven months! In 2009 he won San Diego's International Blues Challenge finals. That same year he took first place in San Diego's King of the Blues competition. Widely regarded as the best blues guitarist in San Diego, Charles is San Diego's Blues Ambassador to the World.


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