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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Busted Flat Records artists: Tippy Agogo and Bill Bourne - Amoeba Collective - New Release Review

I just received a new recording, The Amoeba Collective, that is quite out of the box. Songwriters Tippy Agogo and Bill Bourne complimented by Madagascar Slim on guitar and Michelle Josef on drums have put together something new. The first track, Yo Mojo, is a loose jam track with a funky slack beat and a twist of reggae creating a unique sound. I like it. Mud Bears Park is a modern interpretation of an 8 bar blues...say Canned Heat but with extraneous guitar soloing during the melody as opposed to after ... it is self defined and interesting. Marketplace has a definite world sound with warm vocal harmonies and African rhythms. MS plays some very intricate guitar riffs throughout this track. Bobby Johnson is a hip hop style track but without the harsh street lyrics. Black Banks is a different mix of R&B and Louisiana country blues. Cool track with cool guitar riffs. Old Crow has the distinct sound of early country music. Very authentic and very cool. Oh, How Beautiful has a lot of free space and ethereal sounds with traces to the original San Francisco sound. Ascending/Descending is a mixture again or world music to my ears sounding a lot like the middle east. It is a simple melodic track with a straight forward rhythm. Tin Metal is a strong rock like track with machine movements. I really like this track, drawing it's creativity from the modern industrial age. Free form instrumental inclusions and strong rhythms are supplemented with occasional lyric chants. The release is completed with Scarecrow Murders, another track with ethereal basis but more of a folk root. This is a pretty cool cd but one which takes a free thinker and someone who will open their mind and listen to something different.

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Regretfully... I could find no video of this group. There are some interesting videos by the independent artists which I urge you to check out! 

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