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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sugar Ray Norcia Inducted Into Canada South Blues Society Hall of Fame

(Photo Courtesy of InRetro)
WINDSOR, ON – During a rousing evening of blues music in Windsor, Ontario, Severn Records artist Sugar Ray Norcia was inducted into the Canada South Blues Society Hall of Fame on Saturday, October 20. Sugar Ray and his band, The Bluetones, performed a blazing set of the group’s trademark blues songs during the night’s festivities at the Canada South Blues Museum. The evening celebrated Sugar Ray Norcia’s contributions to the blues over the past 40 years.
“I am humbled and honored to be recognized for my contribution to blues music,” said Sugar Ray. “Along with my band The Bluetones, the support of Severn Records and the loyal  fans who have followed my career, I hope to continue singing and playing this wonderful genre of music for many years to come.”
Besides Sugar Ray on vocals and harmonica, The Bluetones lineup also includes Michael “Mudcat” Ward on bass, Anthony Geraci on keyboards, Neil Gouvin on drums and “Monster” Mike Welch on guitar and vocals.
Writing a review in Canada’s InRetro about the event, writer Lou Durnbeck said, “Sugar is well known for his sweet singing voice (and personality) and his stellar command of the blues harp. His induction into to CSBS’s Hall of Fame is a richly deserved honour that he accepted with humility and gratitude – and then he and the Bluetones rocked the house with two sets of real-deal blues that had the crowd jumpin’ and cheerin’ all night long!
“Perhaps most inspiring to me, is the very obvious love of the music and love of playing together in this band that each of the members demonstrates on and off the bandstand. A more easy-going and approachable band you’d be hard-pressed to find. Friendly and open, they all exude a comfortable professionalism that makes it a real pleasure to talk with them about music generally, blues specifically or just whatever you like. No prima donnas here. With Sugar at the helm of this cast of talented performers, Sugar Ray and The Bluetones may well be the genre’s foremost ambassadors today – and they have so much fun doing it!
“Evening is the band’s most recent release, and they played a number of tunes from that CD last night. The title track was played with such feeling and soul it gave me goosebumps! The set lists were a virtual blues encyclopedia ranging from ballads and shuffles to down-in-the-alley Chicago blues styles as well as a fair share of jumpin’ – East Coast style, and even a T-Bone! It was a great night of blues to mark Sugar Ray’s induction and no doubt was left that he deserves all the accolades coming his way!
True masters of the art of the blues, the band is set to go back into the studio early next year to record so keep an eye & ear open for that.”
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