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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guitar Highlight! David Ducharme-Jones @Whip In

     (Austin, Tex.) David Ducharme-Jones has a band of Austin's best to help him celebrate the first in a series of shows highlighting his music and new album, A LOUD Guitar. Showcasing nine songs tied together by soulful vocals, sophisticated guitar stylings, rock arrangements, and jam band improvisation, Dave Ducharme-Jones gets down this Friday, October 19 at The Whip Inn. Joining him is Julieann Banks (Acoustic Gtr, Vocals), Gale Barchus (Bass, Vocals), Chris Baker (Drums) and Jason Nunnenkamp (Guitar). The Whip Inn is located at 1950 IH-35 South. The show starts at 9:30 p.m. (
     Displaying his talents as both musician and producer David Ducharme-Jones recorded and mixed A LOUD Guitar at his Noisy Neighbor Studio. Mark Addison mastered it at Aerie Studios. Both places are here in Austin. Guest artists adding depth and soul to the sound include drummer Ian Bailey, vocalist Julieann Banks, fiddler Richard Bowden, vocalist Anne Ducharme-Jones, bassist David Evertson, and drummer Michael Kopp. Just released, the album is immediately beginning to capture listener's ears!
“Ducharme-Jones’ musical influences encompass blues, rock, soul, country, and even jazz … 
A LOUD Guitar is an original and diverse set of blues-based roots music that will please guitar
fans who like a lot of variety in their collections.” – Blues Bytes

“No, the great guitar tone exhibited didn't get by me!...Overall a solid recording that should
pull from a broad listener base.” – Bman’s Blues Report

     Ducharme-Jones embraces his influences and brings them to the forefront. By sticking to his genre-bending style A LOUD Guitar becomes refreshing music for Rock, Blues and Country fans.

     Growing up in Des Moines, Iowa David Ducharme-Jones began playing professionally in his early teens when his immersion in music began to define his direction. Moving to Austin years ago to raise his family and be fed by the Austin music community, David has played and continues to play guitar with many of Austin’s renowned bands and artists. David’s personal influences are varied and include many genres of music from blues and rock to Americana and jazz. He will tell you that his weakness is his love of too many kinds of music, but his listeners will find that with everything he plays there is a thread of continuity that defines his personal style, a style that is sometimes classy and sometimes rip roaring rock.
"In a town full of great guitar players, David Ducharme-Jones is carving out his place at the
top of the heap. Sophisticated and fiery, he plays with emotion and style."
                                       – Roger Allen, Lone Star State of Mind, 93.3 KGSR
“Supremely smooth six-string maneuvers, also gets gritty.” – The Austin Chronicle
“Criminally underrated, unassuming, yet packed with talent.” – PoP Culture Press
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