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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FPR News Fall 2012

FPR News  
In This Issue
Breakdown Way Update
FPR @ The Dana
Hot Tuna at The Beacon
Spotlight On: 2013
New iTunes Releases

Jorma gets busy this month! He spends the next 3 weeks on the road with good friend Barry Mitterhoff  starting in New Jersy and ending in NorCAL.

10/03  Jorma Kaukonen
           Love for Levon Benefit
           Izod Center
           East Rutherford, NJ

10/04  Jorma Kaukonen
           The Birchmere
           Alexandria, VA

10/05  Jorma Kaukonen
           Rams Head On Stage
           Annapolis, MD
           * also Peter Mulvey

10/06  Jorma Kaukonen
           Kirk Avenue Music Hall
           Roanoke, VA

10/07  Jorma Kaukonen
           Natasha's Bistro & Bar
           Lexington, KY

10/11  Jorma Kaukonen
           Infinity Hall
           Norfolk, CT

10/12  Jorma Kaukonen
           Earlville Opera House
           Earlville, NY

10/13  Jorma Kaukonen
           Narrows Center for the Arts
           Fall River, MA

10/14  Jorma Kaukonen
           YMCA Boulton Center for
           the Performing Arts
           Bay Shore, NY

10/18  Jorma Kaukonen
           High Sierra Brewing Co
           Carson City, NV

10/19  Jorma Kaukonen
           Napa Valley Opera House
           Napa, CA

10/20  Jorma Kaukonen
           Swedish American Hall at
           Cafe Du Nord
           San Francisco, CA
           Two Shows: 7 & 10 PM

10/21  Jorma Kaukonen
           The Big Room at the Sierra
           Chico, CA

11/01  Jorma Kaukonen
           Dakota Jazz Club Restaurant
           Minneapolis, MN

11/02  Jorma Kaukonen
           The Redstone Room
           Davenport, IA

11/03  Jorma Kaukonen 
           Stoughton Opera House
           Stoughton, WI

11/04  Jorma Kaukonen
           Old Rock House
           St. Louis, MO

11/10  Electric Hot Tuna
           with Bill Kirchen
           Fur Peace Station
           Pomeroy, OH
           SOLD OUT!

11/15  Jorma Kaukonen
           Bell's Eccentric Cafe Back
           Kalamazoo, MI
           * Also Steve Kimock

11/16  Jorma Kaukonen
           City Winery
           Chicago, IL
           * Also Steve Kimock

11/17  Jorma Kaukonen
           City Winery
           Chicago, IL
           * Also Steve Kimock

11/18  Jorma Kaukonen
           20th Century Theatre
           Cincinnati, OH
           * Also Steve Kimock

11/30  Electric Hot Tuna
           The Beacon Theatre
           New York, NY

12/01  Electric Hot Tuna
           The Beacon Theatre
           New York, NY
Fur Peace Station Upcoming Performances

October 13, 2012
Thompson, Hillman & Pedersen
Verlon Thompson plus Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen

October 27, 2012
The David Bromberg Quartet
David Bromberg Quartet
FPR Workshops

October 12-15, 2012
Verlon Thompson

Verlon Thompson
Songwriting for Guitarists
All Levels
This workshop will explore the crossfade of songwriting and guitar: Guitar as a songwriting tool - and vice-versa; songs as a means of finding new territory on your instrument. Rhythm, groove, technique, etc. combined with rhyme-scheming, structure (or not), idea mining, and general tricks of the trade will be part of this study on how to say what you want to say and sound good doing it.

Chris Hillman
Chris Hillman
Hillman's Mad Mountain Rangers: Adventures in Mandolin, Songwriting and Vocal Techniques
Level 3
All you "Rangers and Future Rangers" have that one secret desire which we will address in the 2012 class, "singing and performing in front of a live audience".
This coming year I plan to spend a lot more time on the "live performance" part of the equation which will include singing, phrasing a vocal to get the most out of the lyric, choosing the right accompaniment (guitar or mandolin) and intonation exercises...Oh and we will be playing Mandolin with no limitation...If you want to play Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra or whatever music you are drawn to, Let's do it!

Herb Pedersen
Herb Pedersen
Level 2/3
My goal for the class, "Banjoville", will be to apply my 45 - odd years of playing Scruggs -Style banjo to 5 - string banjo students. We will study traditional bluegrass and the banjo's role in that style of music. Care and set-up of instruments: string changing, head tension, bridge types, positioning and more, will be examined. We will go over, in detail, basic rolls and learn the importance of backup playing.

We will also take a good look at how to design the perfectly placed banjo solo and talk about when and where to play it. The role of the banjo and the job of the banjo player will be looked at in the context of playing in a bluegrass band. Students will be asked to get a copy of Jack Tuttle's "Bluegrass Banjo Collection Vol. One" from Back Studio Publications and be familiar with it and bring it to class. The book can be purchased from Jack directly at . I will bring ALL that I have as the teacher to help folks get started in the right direction.

October 26 - 29, 2013

Jorma Kaukonen with
Marjorie Thompson
Jorma Kaukonen Keys to the Highway
Level 2
This workshop explores essential fingerstyle fundamentals using Jorma's repertoire as a vehicle. We will emphasize alternating bass, and melody lines that break out of pattern picking. Variations used within the songs will include chord inversions up the neck, as well as typical licks and fills characteristic of songs in different keys. It will be assumed that students have familiarity with first position chords, and may even have substantial experience as lead or rhythm guitarists.

Teaching assistant Marjorie Thompson will support this instruction with the individual mini- tutorials in class, after class review sessions, and class notes that reflect each piece as it is developed, with partial tabs, chord patterns, notations and alternatives. She will also make clean recordings of Jorma's renditions reflecting the class notes. These and other handouts (lyric sheets, etc), along with CD copies of the recordings, will be assembled and sent to each participant in the weeks following as a "Jorma pack" for continued study.  

Stefan Grossman
Stefan Grossman  
Rev. Gary Davis: Old Fashion Picking Rags and Marches
Level 3
Rev. Gary Davis had a repertoire that spanned over a wide variety of techniques and styles. In our workshop we will learn, discuss and explore his many guitar ideas. Various exercises will be presented to help give you control of Rev. Davis's thumb/index picking technique and his rhythmic pattern. You'll hear lots of great tunes.   

Ernie Hawkins
Ernie Hawkins The Blues and Rags of Gary Davis and the Piedmont Tradition
Level 2/3  
 Although he was a unique voice, Rev Davis was clearly part of a larger tradition. It formed him as he reformed it. In these classes, Ernie will will talk about the Piedmont style as a whole, talking about some important players and showing students some of the great songs that come out of this history.  

This is a workshop for diehard acoustic blues fans. Beginning with introductions, Ernie will tailor his presentation for the specific interests of the participants, but feature style, repertoire and theory. The examples are drawn from the accessible models of Texas blues and East coast ragtime-blues fingerpicking, particularly the style of Rev. Gary Davis. We will also touch upon the CAGED system which decodes the fingerboard. As a followup, this session can be supplemented by Ernie's instructional DVDs.
Live From Fur Peace Ranch 
Live From Fur Peace Ranch  
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Fall Birthdays

David Bromberg

Grace Slick
Bob Weir
Roy Book Binder

Rory Block
Guy Clark 
FPR News
   Fall 2012    
A Garden of Guitar Players    

I remember when Jorma came home with the deed to the Ranch property back in 1989. I truly thought he'd lost his mind. This was not what I had in mind for my life. Ohio? A farm? No, no, no! Clearly, I lost that argument. It didn't take long to figure out what we could do with all of this land. We were going to grow guitar players. It took less than a year.....but we managed to pack up the 90 years (cumulatively) of stuff the two of us had been dragging around with us and headed to the foothills.

Despite what my heart was feeling, Ohio was beautiful. We had rented a small farm house just a fur peace down the road from the Ranch. The Ranch however, was not the Ranch we know today. It was land.....essentially untouched since the late 1960's. The work we had ahead of us was monumental. To be completely honest...that work did not start until 1997. There was so much that had to be cleared away...spiritually speaking ...that it mirrored the tall brush and trees and thicket that had been blocking our path. As our lives became did the land. When we were ready to accept the responsibility for all things in front of us....the Ranch became a reality. The more we cleaned house the more wisdom we exposed ourselves to...the more enriched it all became. The land had set a stage and created the tone for this inspirational environment...and it was...that we were being inspired every day.

It was impossible to imagine just what the Ranch would 2 years, 5 years.....but it was a collective group of souls that include those first five years of students and the staff that walked with us on this journey. Every business has its flaws as do humans....but the most important thing was acknowledging them, understanding them and addressing them. Most of those flaws were stepping stones and not wasted time either.

When we envisioned this idea...."websites" were just talk. Only a few businesses had them and they were all IT businesses. That such things would be available to a wide audience some day was unthinkable back then....and we did struggle to find our students. Fifteen years later our garden of guitar players is bountiful.

It's nearly the end of 2012 and we are certainly older and maybe a bit wiser. I know that I work too hard but I do love it. My own self improvement and the Ranch's improvement is about recognizing that it's OK to enjoy what we created and to let the garden grow so we can walk that longer mile ahead.

- Vanessa Kaukonen

Break Down Way
Breakdown Way 

Congratulations to Breakdown Way which is celebrating their 10th Anniversary this month!!

And it just keeps getting better with new lessons, new apps, interactive Skype lessons . . . .

Earlier this summer Break Down Way released an App for iPhone.  Break Down Way is pleased to announce that the iPad version of the app is now ready for download!  You can view the App here, or search "Break Down Way" from within your iTunes store.

Break Down Way presents online guitar workshops from Jorma and many of FPR's world class instructors. Through the use of streaming videos with up close shots of the fingering positions you can catch all of the notes, pinches, pulls . . . and much more including access to chord charts, lyrics and the ability to email your questions to the instructors, and interact with other students through Break Down Way's Facebook page.

Now all of these great lessons can be had on the go with the Break Down Way App for iPhone and now iPad!

New lessons recently released:Break Down Way  
  • "Late Breaking News" taught by Jorma Kaukonen. 
  • "Kissing Angles" taught by Geoff Achison.
  • "Midnight in Malpitas" taught by David Wolff. 
Purchase these lessons for only $4.99 each for 30-days, or sign up for a monthly membership ($29.99) and receive all of the fantastic lessons available on Break Down Way!

Don't delay visit Break Down Way today! 


It was in California that the Fur Peace Ranch first presented it's "On The Road" workshops.  It's a concept that has proved successful and we've enjoyed spending a few weeks during the Winter in warm and beautiful surroundings.... bringing the spirit of Fur Peace and our award-winning classes to our "On The Road" destinations.  After a few years in California's Desert Springs area we ventured further west and ended up in Maui.  Our last two sessions at the Royal Lahaina in Maui were fantastic and we all have loved the Maui environment as well as that wonderful Aloha spirit.  However, for 2013 we're going back to California.

The Dana on Mission Bay The Fur Peace Ranch "On The Road" workshops for Winter 2013 will be at the fabulous The Dana on Mission Bay.  San Diego's perfect climate is what draws you in and the premier waterfront setting and accommodations at the Dana will be our home on the road.  The Dana is located close to many of San Diego's best attractions.  The Dana is a short trip to downtown San Diego and it is walking distance to Sea World.  It is also next to Mission Bay Park, a 4,600 - acre wonderland, the largest park of it's kind in the world!  What we have always looked for when planning our "On The Road" workshops is a desirable location with excellent staff, services, accommodations and food.  The Dana has it all!  We are familiar with this location as Hot Tuna has stayed there as well as the Kaukonens and Hurlbuts on vacation trips.  The Dana has beautifully designed and appointed rooms and they have room to accommodate any family members or friends that would want to join you on your adventure.  This resort features 2 spectacular swimming pools as well as 2 spas.  It is also the center for many other activities that their guest service staff are willing and able to help you with.  There are Fur Peace Ranch water sports and bicycle rentals on sight.  All meals will be served and prepared by the Dana's fine dining staff and the food is fantastic!

We are really looking forward to our first workshops of 2013 being in San Diego and in particular at The Dana on Mission Bay.....where the only thing they overlook is Mission Bay!!! 

We look forward to you joining us in California for our Winter 2013 sessions.

January 14 - 18  
Jorma Kaukonen: The Entrance Ramp with Teaching assistants Marjorie Thompson and David Wolff.
This is a great introductory level 1/2 class for all of you who have been dabbling in fingerstyle guitar, but haven't taken the full plunge.  This workshop will provide a solid introduction to fingerstyle guitar, including development of that reliable thumb so essential to mastering this style.

January 21 - 25
Jorma Kaukonen: Movin' On Down The Road: Level 3
For players with a well honed thumb, and fingerstyle experience. Jorma will demonstrate a variety of licks, runs and embellishments that provide style and nuance, and also represent a vocabulary of tools that may be used in various keys. This is an excellent repertoire- building workshop, and will encourage skills that can also be applied to original music, improvisation and arranging.

Barry Mitterhoff: Mandolin Antipasto: Level 2/3
Just like the antipasto, we're going to try a smattering of everything. To start things off, we'll take a traditional tune and play it with downstrokes, slow tremolo, down & up strokes, Bill Monroe downstrokes, tremolo, double stops, crosspicking and other techniques. In short we will play a song using different methods, styles, and rhythms to highlight the contrasts and similarities of songs across genres.

Then as time allows we'll learn a fiddle tune, a waltz, a blues, a swing tune, a Monroe tune, a Rev. Gary Davis tune and if there is time we may dip in to the well of Jorma/Hot Tuna tunes as well as improvising on the mandolin.

Join us in 2013 for an unforgettable experience and adventure as the Fur Peace takes it "On The Road" to The Dana on Mission Bay.

Electric Hot Tuna Returns to The Beacon Theatre
November 30 and December 01, 2012

Hot TunaHot Tuna returns to The Beacon Theatre in
New York City for their  annual electric shows.  Past years performances have been off the hook with the addition of special guests since we celebrated Jorma's 70th Birthday.  This year is shaping up to be a hum-dinger!  Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams will be there as they have for the past few years.  Bill Kirchen, Steve Kimock and G.E. Smith will also make a return performance to these annual gigs.  Cindy Cashdollar, who hasn't played with Jorma much since the Blue Country Heart days will be on hand for the weekend . . . there are sure to be some command performances from Jorma's Grammy Nominated album from a decade ago.  To round out the weekend, bluesman, Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin will also be in the house to help you shake away any holiday blues you may have.
Tickets are on sale now!

Spotlight on: 2013 Instructors 
Thus far, 2013 is shaping up to be a great season here at Fur Peace Ranch!  Steve Earle's songwriting workshop sold out in record setting time.  Larry Campbell and David Lindley weren't far behind . . .  Tommy Emmanuel's class will be full in short order.  Jorma's "Songs from Quah" workshops is on the verge of being full, so if you're considering that one . . . don't delay any longer or you may find yourself on the wait list.

We've also announced some new workshops since the schedule was first released:

Toby Walker April 05-08, 2013  Joining Jorma and Pete Huttlinger will be Toby Walker.  Toby returns to the Ranch to teach "Fingerpicking Hank Williams."  In this course you'll learn swing chords, bluesy licks, walking basses, double stops, improvised single string lines and how to add 'tinsel' to any basic melody. What could be more fun then learning some timeless Hank Williams songs while at the same time increasing your fingerpicking skills, expanding your knowledge of the fretboard and adding some exciting, cool licks to your tool box. By the end of this weekend you'll have five iconic country songs added to your repertoire and the ability to apply what you learned to many other songs that you already know.'

Tom Feldmann May 17-20, 2013  Tom Feldmann will join Woody Mann and David Lindley on his first trip to the Ranch.  Tom will be teaching a great level 1/2 course using the works of Mississippi John Hurt as a vehicle.  Now, not many of you are familiar with Tom, and I'll have to admit, that we weren't at first . . . Tom was recommended to us by one of our good friends and instructor Stefan Grossman.  Upon Stefan's recommendation we did a little poking around and watched some of his performances and agreed with Stefan. 

In this class, Tom Feldmann will take you step by step through Mississippi John Hurt's most celebrated songs in the keys of E, A, D, G, and C in standard tuning, as well as Open G and Open D tunings. Whether beginner or intermediate you will learn to pick in the distinctive "Hurt" style and build a large repertoire of classic country blues.

Dave Revels August 09-12, 2013  Suffering from Stage Fright?  Dave Revels will be returning to the Ranch for our Couples' Weekend.  Dave currently performs as a member of The  Persuasions, the kings of A Capella.  Before that he performed with The Drifters.  Dave is truly a master of performance and he will be focusing on that aspect in this workshop.

Join Dave Revels as he teaches an all levels Natural Guide to Mastering the Art of Performance. No elaborate instruments, props, gimmicks or costly gear needed other than an investment in time . . . time to practice and apply all that you will learn. The focus is on incorporating your personality with the tools learned to enable you to speak and sing before an audience as naturally as taking a breath. Dave Revels will show you his methods to break down the invisible yet palpable barrier that lay between the performer and an audience and make the steps on the ladder to successful communication a little less slippery.

Marjorie Thompson September 20-23, 2013  If you have always wanted to come to the Ranch but didn't feel your fingerstyle skills were up to par then you need to join Marjorie Thompson for her level 1/2 class titled "Up the Neck" the Fingerstyle Guitar Toolkit.  This is a great entry level class for all of you budding fingerstylists! While studying with Marjorie you will develop a set of musical tools which will include partial chords up the neck, lead runs, double stops, turnarounds and fills. This toolkit will then be put to use giving color and personality to your guitar playing. Guaranteed to turn your own songs (or covers) from ho-hum to wow!

Jack Casady For all of the bassists out there . . . Jack Casady will join the fold in 2013 for Pick-n-Putt weekend.  Jack will be teaching his level 3 Bass Guitar Proficiency course.  This class is for those gaining proficiency at learning the neck and fingering positions, and who have a basic understanding of chord progressions and construction of the song form in general. In this workshop Jack will emphasize right hand technique, with particular attention to accuracy of note placement, rhythm combinations, dexterity, and broadening of tone. With the fretboard hand, Jack will examine finger placement and smooth note execution.

Bob Margolin November 08-11  Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin rolled into the line up for the Hot Tuna Allstars weekend.  Bob will return to the Ranch to teach his Raw Chicago Blues of Muddy Waters and More Guitar Legends. The guitar sound and style of Muddy Waters and Chicago Blues players like Elmore James, Jimmy Rogers, Robert Lockwood Jr., Eddie Taylor, and Hubert Sumlin was a radical electric evolution of Mississippi Delta Blues in the early 1950s. For today's guitar players, knowing the language and "tone" of "delay time" "Old School" (Muddy's terms) Chicago Blues is both educational and empowering for your playing.

Bob played guitar in Muddy's band, standing next to him onstage from 1973-'80. He will take what he learned directly from Muddy and pass this raw electric Blues on to you.  We'll learn how to play classic Chicago Blues electric slide guitar parts in standard tuning, Open-G, and Open-E. We'll work on getting a singing yet percussive tone out of your guitar and amp, that you can use to express your Blues with or without effects pedals.

On Saturday night you can watch Bob employ some of these methods as he jams out with the Hot Tuna Allstars in the Fur Peace Station Concert Hall.  
New Releases  iTuna - Hot Tuna at iTunes
New to iTunes:  
Hot Tuna Electric  
Grand Opera House Wilmington,  DE  
A show fans have been dreaming about since thanksgiving 1977... It's been many decades since a full Tuna show featured Bob Steeler on drums...the lineup for this show Jorma, Jack, Barry and Bob Steeler on drums for the complete show. Playing classic Tuna as well as new stuff from Steady As She Goes. The next big surprise was David Bromberg playing Helpless Blues...and finally on the last two tunes  Funky #7,  and the encore of Baby What You Want Me To Do? Steve Kimock sits in...  
Hot Tuna Electric 
State Theatre
Ithaca, NY 
This was the opening show of the summer tour.  This show features Hot Tuna Electric: Jack, Jorma, Barry, & Skoota with Steve Kimock joining in on the encore...featuring many new songs off the most recent Hot Tuna release Steady As She Goes such as Mourning Interrupted, A Little Faster, Children of Zion as well as classic Tuna like Come Back Baby, Funky #7, and Ode for Billy Dean 

Jannus Landing,  
St. Petersburg, FL
The Jorma Kaukonen Trio featuring Michael Falzarano and Pete Sears playing tunes such as True Religion, Good Shepherd, Gypsy Fire, Walkin' Blues...

Club West,
Eureka, CA
This was the sixth Blue Country Heart show...Barry was six days in Cindy Cashdollar was on her second day, the music was a mix of the Blue Country Heart CD and classic Jorma songs. From the Grammy nominated Blue Country Heart CD the band plays songs such as Tom Cat Blues, Bread Line Blues Just Because as well as the classics like Good Shepherd, Uncle Sam Blues, & Death Don't Have No Mercy

Y.M.C.A. Boulton Center for the Performing Arts,  
Bay Shore, NY  
This night was a two show night...a rowdy Long Island crowd along with the  energetic Jorma ~ Barry Duo set made the night complete. The download features both early and late shows, with songs such as: Search My Heart, Serpent of Dreams, a couple rarely played Merle Haggard tunes Working Man's Blues and If We Make It Through December, plus Hot Tuna staples Good Shepherd and Trial By Fire.   


1st 2013 enrollment - Regular Price

2nd 2013 enrollment - save $75

3rd 2013 enrollment - save $100

4th 2013 enrollment - save $200
Offer Expires: November 11, 2013
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