Thursday, September 6, 2012

When The Rubber Meets The Road - Tubie & The Touchtones - New Release Review

I just had the chance to review the newest release from Tubie and The Touchtones. The band features Tubie Pushee (vocals and guitars), Les Morey (bass, Keys, vocals), Clay Failla (drums and percussion), Michael Gaskins (horns) and Andrea Young (vocals). The release is made up of 11 diverse tracks. First up is When The Rubber Meets The Road, a driving boogie blues. Tubie doesn't wait long to show you where he got his reputation as a guitar slinger and Gaskins adds some honkin sax. Anne's Eyes takes clues from the Philadelphia "blue eyed soul" movement with smooth jazz sax lines and guitar riffs. Me & My Baby has a shuffle rhythm and clean guitar riffs. South Main Street takes more of a ballad approach but with the Mesa Boogie drive sound on guitar solo. Strange Things is a slow shuffle with heavy horns and dicing guitar. Share has more of an island feel with traces of David Byrne and David Lindley. Your Shoes is a Texas style blues with jazz overtones and some hot guitar riffs. Navasota Get Down has the distinct sound of some early British Blues bands but with horns added. This may be the best track on the release with some tasty blues riffs, loping beat and mid song rock /fusion breakdown.
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This track isn't on the release but is representative of the bands work:

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