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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Juke - The Headcutters

“The Headcutters”, from Itajaí – SC, is considered to be one of the most highlighted blues bands in Brazil. Using the 40s ands 50s sound and style, they follow the legendaries Blues records labels from Chicago of that time.

The band’s name serves as tribute to the Blues idols from the 50s, such as Muddy Waters, Little Walter and Jimmy Rogers, who in that period were called “The Headhunters”. Thus, THE HEADCUTTERS comes as a reference to those great masters who were clear and strong influence to the band.

Performing very charismatic, exciting and catching concerts, the band has been gathering a faithful audience in every show since it’s beginning. Featuring Joe Marhofer (harmonica and vocals), Ricardo Maca (guitar and vocals), Arthur “Catuto” Garcia (acoustic bass) and Leandro “Cavera” Barbeta (drums).

The band has played in several blues festivals, produced concerts and shared stage with various national and international bigshots such as Phil Guy (Buddy Guy’s brother) Eddie C. Campbell, Kim Wilson, Billy Flinn, Gary Smith, Billy Branch, Carlos Johnson, J.J. Jackson, Lynwood Slim, Mitch Kashmar, Igor Prado, Blues Etílicos among others.

The last album “Back To 50′s” CD, is a full vintage recording accomplished through tape rolls and 50′s style valved equipments, made at Itajaí’s Historical Museum. An album that has been receiving both national and international critical acclaim, and that shows a real time travel, with all the sound and magic from the 50′s, which represented Chicago Urban Blues.

Playing nearly on the road for 12 years, The Headcutters Band is proud to represent that irresistible sort of sound, which is worldwide enjoyed for decades through every generation.
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