Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Delta Time - Hans Theessink and Terry Evans featuring Ry Cooder - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Delta Time, by Hans Theessink & Terry Evans and it's terrific! This very earthy and warm recording begins with Delta Time, a bouncy blues track written by Theessink with deep thick vocals, acoustic and slide guitar. Blues Stay Away From Me has a real roots (country) feel and beautiful vocal harmonies with Ry Cooder bringing in some distinctive riffs. A great duet on It Hurts Me Too brings freshness to a well traveled track. The instrumentation has been applied like paint on a canvas just a light dab here and there as required. How Come People Act Like That, another cover track, is handled in a fresh light and again the duo with their rich vocals and Ry Cooder adding his flair on guitar makes for a very cool track. The Birds and The Bees, a classic pop track, has been included memorializing Evans contribution to the original track some 50 years ago. Build Myself A Home, a Thessink original, has a distinct gospel feel and is beautifully executed with Piedmont style playing and great vocal harmonies. JB Lenoir's Down In Mississippi is included on this cd and I never really get enough of this track. It was originally well written and is here well executed and embellished. Shelter From The Storm, another Theessink original, is another track that has solid roots and rich vocals. The song is very well written and Cooder again contributes beautifully melodic guitar riffs to compliment the track. I Need Money, another Theessink original has the spring of a Jimmy reed track and the gang does a great job on execution. Evans and Theessink sing and play in tandem for a great bluesy sound. Traditional track Heaven's Airplane has a lot of the characteristics of country, blues and gospel. Pouring Water On A Drowning Man is a terrific track with strong R&B sound. This track is handled with great care and warmth. The vocals are smooth and the guitar is perfect. Jimmy Reed's Honest I Do is up next and again handled with reverence. The vocal harmonies are very cool and refreshing. Theessink original Mississippi wraps the recording. This is a really great track and gives the entire band a chance to stretch out a little. You may be able to tell it's hard for me to articulate how good this recording is. It's really good! I also don't want to pass without mentioning vocal contributions by Arnold McCuller and Willie Greene Jr.
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