Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ironing Board Sam's "Ninth Wonder of the World of Music" Released!

Ironing Board Sam, Comeback Artist of the Year, releases Ninth Wonder of the World of Music

HILLSBOROUGH- Ironing Board Sam has had quite a year. In 2010 Music Maker Relief Foundation's Tim Duffy met with Sam, who went into retirement when Hurricane Katrina forced him to move from New Orleans to Rock Hill, S.C. Sam had given up on music, but at Duffy's urging and with Music Maker's assistance, Sam is, two years later, back. He was recently named Living Blues "Comeback Artist of the Year."

Ironing Board Sam at Jazzfest

He's back in a big way. With the assistance of Music Maker he was able to record and release his 2011 album, "Going Up," secured regular gigs, and performed at festivals nationwide and booked international gigs. But it was Sam's amazing return to a packed Blues Tent at Jazzfest in April that caught eyes of music lovers all across the nation and cemented him as Living Blues' Comeback Artist for 2012.

Listen to "Cherry Pie" from Ninth Wonder:

Ninth Wonder cover Today, Sam's album Ninth Wonder of the World of Music is released on the Music Maker label. This record was originally recorded in Gary, I.N. in the early 1970s, and only 100 copies were ever produced. Now, for the first time, Ninth Wonder will be available on CD at Sam says people should listen to "Ninth Wonder" to hear a unique style from a true original.

Sam says, of the transition from retirement to internationally booked touring artist that caught the attention of Living Blues, "Each day I wake up looking forward to working on improving myself and my music."

Watch Sam on The Night Train in the 1960s:

About Music Maker Relief Foundation:

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