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Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Edge Records artist - Scottyboy Daniel Blues Band - Mercy! - New Release Review

Scottyboy Daniel has a new recording available and it is really a cooker! Mercy! is a tribute to the late William Clarke. Daniel recruited Clarke's guitar player (a great choice) and together they have crafted and released an exceptional grouping of 13 of Clarke's tracks. The recording opens with Blowin' Like Hell, a real crap kicker! (Stilladog... if you don't have this...get it! This is right up your alley man!) This instrumental track gives Daniel a chance to open with a bang and he doesn't let up much from here. Next up is Lonesome Bedroom Blues, a slower paced harp driven blues track. Daniel sings the lead and plays harp. The balance of the band is Matt Browning (bass), Jerry Riccardi (drums), Joe Mika (guitar), Mike Sedovic (keys) and of course Markowski on guitar. Lookin' To The Future is a cool shuffle tune again featuring Daniel on harp. Daniel has exceptional harp tone and chops. Sedovic takes the opportunity to play a key solo on this track but of course the emphasis is on the harp. Blues/jazz track A Good Girl Is Hard To Find is up next with long key, harp and guitar stretches. Drinkin' Beer is a jump blues track with a slick guitar intro. Daniel is back on vocal here and leads the band into some great soloing opportunities. Guitar work on this track is really pretty slick and of course the harp goes without saying. Your Love Is Real, another jump track has a really crisp guitar intro as well as really cool T-Bone style guitar riffs throughout. Daniel brings the track home with again, exceptional playing. Steady is a solid shuffle instrumental with a warm screaming harp melody. Educated Fool gets back to the jump tempo and Daniel takes the lead at vocal again. More great guitar riffing follows and of course smokin' harp brings up the rear. Feel Like Jumpin' is a real loping shuffle. Daniel, back on vocal leads the band into another extended jam. Sedovic gets the keys workin' again and Daniel is relentless on the harp! Tryin' To Stretch My Money, another shuffle track has another great guitar solo and of course Daniel never disappoints on harp. Lollipop Mama is a jumper with Daniel on vocal and harp. This band is tight and Daniel knows just when and how hard to play. Sedovic takes another spell on the keys and sends the track home. The final track, Tribute To William Clarke is an exceptionally deep track. The harp distortion on this track is perfect and guitar punctuation is spot on. The guitar work on this track is powerful and expressive. The entire recording is exceptional. Unless you have a dislike of harmonica (and if you do... why the blues) I highly recommend this recording. This is simply terrific cover to cover!
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