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Monday, August 27, 2012

Benson Blues: Harmonica Workshop, Concert Featuring Dennis Gruenling, Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones

Master Harpist Dennis Gruenling Continues U.S. Tour With Guitarist
Doug Deming (With The Jewel Tones) Both Supporting Their New CDs

Perform Locally: Pizza Shoppe Collective in Benson - Wednesday, Aug. 29th

(BENSON, NE) - Benson gets the blues as one of today's most compelling duos in Contemporary Blues, harmonica master Dennis Gruenling and guitarist Doug Deming (and his band, The Jewel Tones), perform swinging jump blues rich with gritty shuffles and driving boogies at Pizza Shoppe Collective, 6056 Maple St., Benson, Wednesday, August 29. Harmonica workshop from 5:30-6:15 p.m. (includes performance, $20); CD Release Party from 6:30-8:00 p.m. $5. (if not attending workshop). Info: (402) 556-9090 or visit

Harpist Gruenling and guitarist Deming (the later who fronts longtime group, the Jewel Tones) have once again joined forces, recently completing an ambitious twenty-eight city tour in just twenty-six days, each in support of a new CD ("Rockin' All Day" by Dennis Gruenling; "What's It Gonna Take" by Doug Deming).

Watch highlights from their recent 2012 Summer Tour here:

About: Dennis Gruenling

After receiving his first harmonica as a gift from a family friend while in his teens, he had heard his first blues record and his life was never the same! Having been in New Orleans during 1992-'93, Dennis came back home to the Garden State of New Jersey and quickly gained a reputation as a young rising star on the local blues scene, working in a couple different local blues bands. In 1998 he started to form his own local "all-star" band, using members pulled from other regional bands. Since his self-titled debut with that band ("Dennis Gruenling & Jump Time!") in 1999, Gruenling has pulled in countless fans and numerous accolades from critics and musicians around the world for his swinging, highly original harmonica sound and style. Taking equal parts from the blues harmonica and swing saxophone traditions and styles, Dennis has pushed the boundaries further for blues harmonica, while in the meantime pioneering a whole new sound and direction for the instrument.

"Dennis Gruenling has become the new harp player's harp of the most critically acclaimed of his generation" - JUKE JOINT SOUL

"Dennis Gruenling is a leading light among a new generation of harp players...stands poised to claim a spot in the pantheon of blues harmonica greats." - BLUES REVUE

About: Doug Deming

"We have no gimmicks," says leader Doug Deming. "We play pure traditional music from the heart, with an image that conveys a deep respect for the genre." As a result, Doug Deming and the Jewel Tones have been become regulars on the national blues and jazz touring circuit as well as an 'in demand' backing band for a 'who's-who' of today's top American roots music performers, including Kim Wilson of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Louisiana Red, Chicago Pete, vocalist Alberta Adams, Black Top's Johnnie Dyer, W.C. Handy Award winner Johnny 'Yard Dog' Jones and the legendary Lazy Lester. Detroit guitarist and Handy multi-award nominee Johnnie Bassett describes the band as "great talent...that people outside the area will come to know."
Doug Deming has been the driving force behind the Jewel Tones (formerly known as the Blue Suit Band) since it's beginning in 1991. As a guitarist and vocalist, he acknowledges a musical debt everyone from T-Bone Walker and Muddy Waters to Nat Cole and Count Basie. Says Detroit blues writer George Seedorff: "Doug is equally at home playing straight ahead on the solid body guitar or swinging on the big jazz box." The group's recordings achieve originality while staying deep in the genre.

"Doug Deming's 'Falling Through The Cracks' features solid performances on a program that encompasses a variety of blues styles." - BLUES FESTIVAL E-GUIDE
"You can sit and listen to the Blues or you can get up and start dancing to it. Doug Deming and The Jewel Tones' 'Falling Through the Cracks' will certainly get you doing the latter, with one of the finest mixes of 50's Style Rockabilly, Classic Jump/Boogie, Shuffle, and Swing I have recently heard." - BLUES UNDERGROUND

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