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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waiting For The World To End - Dave Widow And The Line Up - New Release Review

I just received a copy of the new release Waiting For The World To End by Dave Widow And The Line Up and it pretty interesting. Widow has assembled a great band including Reggie McBride, Gary Mallaber, Mike Finnegan, Bill Champlin, Barry Goldberg and a crew of outstanding horns and vocalists and they demonstrate their broad background on this stellar party cd. First up is Bluesman, a slow swinging boogie with horns, guitar and keys. Dave has a cool voice for this style of music and the band gets right into the groove right from the start. Keyboard ace Mike Finnegan lays down some organ right up front and Marty Grebb is out there on the Bari Sax with Widow laying down some pretty hot guitar licks himself. I love party blues music and I can't help thinking Crabshaw is gonna burst in any minute. Leave A Piece Of Me has a bit of R&B, a bit of rock and a bit of soul bringing forward a track that is likely to hit the airwaves. I usually am not at all drawn to songs that use "cheater hooks" to grab the fan but Piss You Off is just a great track. What I mean is I typically find that artists use words or hooks to artificially grab the audience's favor but this is actually a great track. The horns are strong,the vocals sound heartfelt and it's a straight up blues track with a strong guitar solo ... and the words aren't used gratuitously but with purpose. Nice job! Reach Out is soul stye ballad and the melody is strong, the background singers are great and Widow adds guitar riffs sparingly as needed. Nothin' On You has a cool funk rhythm again with a strong instrumental groove and the backing vocals are right on. Wait On Love is another strong composition with cohesive arrangement, solid vocals and well orchestrated instrumental compliments throughout. I Look For Things Like That is another funk infused blues track that is bound to get you moving around in your seat. Widow has a knack for getting the train shaking and then throwing straw on the fire. Picture Of You is a really sweet little track along the lines of a classic ballad acoustically accompanied and light backing vocals. This is a really strong track... and I'm not a ballad guy. The title track, Waiting For The World To End, is another funk blues track and another track that will get you up and moving. It's almost like Widow just put a cd together to give you a reason to party. This recording is well composed and consistent end to end. This song is so funky you'd think Sly was gonna take you higher. Overall Widow and the Lineup have composed a very entertaining recording.

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