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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Terry Quiett Band - A Night At The Orpheum - New Release Review

I remember a while back on one of my late night new blues band searches and coming across this cool band - Terry Quiett and thinking, wow... these guys are hot. I just received a copy of A Night At The Orpheum, a new release from the Terry Quiett Band. The release opens with Getting Through To Me, an Otis Rush like track. This is a great opening track and Quiett on vocals and guitar set a high bar for the rest of the show. He's a strong singer and wrings the neck of the guitar till it cry's out for Mama. Judgement Day is up next with Quiett demonstrating his ability on slide. Now I don't know what kind of axe he pulls out for this (typically a strat player) but it has a resonator fat sound and has a swampy sound. Quiett has an interesting vocal style that is very natural along the lines of Warren Haynes or Ronnie Van Zandt. He doesn't sound like he's trying to copy's a special quality some people are just born with. next the band kicks out Big Man Boogie and the joint is hopping. The band continues to cut their own path playing original tunes and sounding terrific. Quiett gets some pretty nice sound out of his strat on this track. Wheelhouse gets down in the funk. Quiett plays a really cool intro riff to get the track started. When a band plays a track like this it highlights the rhythm section and they are tight. Rodney Baker kicks the drums and Aaron Underwood holds up the bottom on bass. Again Quiett demonstrated that he's not just a guitar player but has a great voice for a band like this. Caroline, a really nice ballad based strongly on the blues give Quiett a wide open space to lay down some great blues riffs. Long Saturday Night is a real slow track that fuses R&B with country and Blues. This is the perfect opportunity for Quiett to grab the audience with solid singing and flat lay the guitar out and he does. Very nice. The Horizon again finds Quiett on what sounds like a resonator playing some pretty stripped down blues. Bruce Springsteen's Cover Me gets a funky pop treatment. Never been a "Boss" fan (don't throw rocks) but Quiett does a nice job on this track and continues to demonstrate his able capabilities on guitar as well as vocals. On Gimme Some Quiett takes a faster tempo with a more airplay rock style song. Hear My Train Comin' is a great track of course written by J Hendrix but with an updated sound and loads of slide guitar. Very nice mastery of the dynamic range. Just Friends, another R&B style track should garner strong airplay following with the hook, vocals and nice guitar riffs. Short Dress has a great bounce to it, talking deep funk bass and drum track and Quiett taking lead with strong slide work and continued great vocals.

There have only been a few concerts in town in the past year that I have missed that I should have seen and this is one of them. Terry Quiet Band puts on a good show that this recording amply demonstrates that.
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