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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shotgun - The Charlie Keating Band

The Charlie Keating Band is a New England blues-inspired trio. (And on occasion a quartet when keyboardist JeffKeys joins the band onstage) Charlie's unique guitar style channels such slide greats as Elmore James and Duane Allman. Uniformly, listeners are amazed at the big sound of the band. Many have compared Charlie's style to that of the early Stevie Ray Vaughan because of Charlie's ability to combine lead and rhythm guitar. Charlie is also a gifted and prolific song-writer.
Charlie Keating grew up listening to Hank Williams, so that's probably where he got his influence on slide. There was a lot of James Brown around the house as well, so you know he heard the funky stuff.
Charlie started playing guitar in the 1969. A short stint at Berklee served him well. In the the early 70's, he played with the R&B band "Sandra and the Melodies", as well as several other local bands throughout Boston.
After a few years of mostly writing and recording his own material, Charlie went back to the live scene playing with the "Black Cat Road Band", "Big Whiskey", "Blue Charlie and the Union Cats", and the "Tedd Walker Band"; and could always be seen at South Shore Blues jams playing slide.
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