Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ruf Records artist: Meena - Try Me - New Release Review

I have been listening to the newest release, Try Me, by Meena. The recording contains 9 original tracks as well as a few classics and Meena is backed by Dave Smith on bass, Steve Potts on drums, Rick Steff on keys, and Chris Fillmore on guitar. First up is the title track, James Brown's classic Try Me. Meena is backed on vocals by Vickie Atkins, Sandy Carroll and Amyee Bragg who give it a genuine soul flavor. Guest artist Joanne Shaw Taylor plays a beautiful melodic solo staying in character with the tune. Send Me A Doctor is a rock track with Eric Sardinas contributing some cool slide guitar flare. Put Your Hands Out Of My Pocket is a solid soul fused blues track showing Meena's vocal range and giving Chris Fillmore a chance to play some pretty tasty guitar riffs. This Song Is For You would work nicely on the airwaves with a classic hook and memorable tune. Again Fillmore plays some tasty guitar riffs topping up an already strong entry. Meena belts out an enriched version of I'd Rather Go Blind and Fillmore again plays a tasty guitar solo. On Let Your Sweet Love Shine On Me, Meena picks the tempo with a Zydeco rhythm. I Shoot You Down again features Eric Sardinas on slide guitar and he gives it a pretty good workout. The final track, Just As I Am, is the best track on the recording featuring Shakura S'Aida as a contrast to Meena and Coco Montoya really spices up the track with his red hot guitar soloing.

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  1. Is this new? The cd says it was released in 2010.

  2. Good question. I saw that as well but it was sent to me as new by RUF.