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Monday, July 23, 2012

Bar/None Records artists: The db's - Falling off the Sky - New Release Review

I have been listening to the newest release, Falling off the Sky, from The db's and it's quite tasty. It's not bluesy but a very strongly crafted power pop recording. The db's formed back in the late 70's releasing 4 albums over about 10 years. The original band is back together and sounding great. The recording opens with That Time Is Gone, a great gritty rocker sounding fresh and familiar. All of the swagger you'd want from a NYC power pop band. Before We Were Born, a straight up pop song with British sounding influences is up next. This is really a strong melodic track. The Wonder of Love, a pop rock track with a bit of a back beat even squeezes a cool guitar solo in. Write Back has the classic hook that you'd expect from a radio play track. Far Away And Long Ago has the delicacy of a George Harrison ballad. Very nice. World To Cry is another strong track with solid hooks. Vocal and instrumental is equally well constructed and executed. The Adventures of Albetross and Doggerell sounds a bit like a it could have come from a Nirvana recording... a pretty tall order. Curt indicated that he was influenced by those who came before him. She Won't Drive In The Rain Anymore is a particularly interesting track with interesting lyrics and painterly instrumental construction. My favorite after the opener. The title track, Falling off the Sky, completing the recording sounds like it was written by a prominent songwriting duo from Liverpool but possibly while they were on a stay over at Wilco's studio in Chicago. This is a very solid recording of power pop music and one that I am very anxious to lend to my best friend. I feel very confident that it will see great success.

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