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Any Day Now - Chuck Jackson

Possessing one of the most elegant baritone voices in the annals of recorded music, Grammy Award-nominated Chuck Jackson has set a benchmark for aspiring vocalists of all genres. In turn, he's engendered deep respect from contemporaries and aficionados around the globe.

His seductive rasp is emblematic of his inimitable style and is underscored on all levels of his monumental recordings.

Consistent with this, Chuck's rhythmic compositions are truly prolific and speak volumes to his extraordinarily poetic histrionics, coupling evocative lyrics and eclectic instruments with posh studio arrangements.

From his early days at Scepter Records to his Motown Records' productions, Chuck's discography consists of some of the most memorable popular and R&B hits ever arranged: "Any Day Now," his 1962 chart-stopping signature song, is one of the most recognizable crossover tunes in popular music vaults and has been covered by countless artists since.

By contrast, "I Don't Want To Cry," an alluring and rapturous piece that he co-wrote and recorded in 1961, was his first hit single and forever etched his imprint onto the record industry's shifting landscape.

Raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Chuck spent his formative years honing the craft that would launch him into the international spotlight and expose his talent to national television audiences such as The Tonight Show, Soul Train and American Bandstand.

Along with this, his extraordinary gifts can be witnessed at live concerts in select venues planet-wide, where he often shares the stage with other superlative vocalists like songstress Dionne Warwick and the soulful Smokey Robinson. Other well-known productions have included Michael McDonald, Boyz II Men, Ben E. King and a plethora of other household names.

Ms. Warwick was Chuck's partner in the 1997 Grammy-nominated duet "If I Let Myself Go" (Grammy nominated for Best Duet) from his well-orchestrated CD I'll Never Get Over You. Thus far he has 23 charted songs to his credit.

He appreciates the value of the creative aspect of the business, but he also realizes the importance of the business side of the music industry: Financing the production of concerts and special events requires an intricate knowledge of contracts and budgets.

In addition to his professional commitments, he organizes and produces events for New York's world-famous Apollo Theatre. Inclusive in these productions are exemplary performers like Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick, Tom Jones, Paul Shaffer (The Late Show) and Ashford & Simpson, to name a few.

Chuck knows the struggles new artists face and therefore has donated time and personal resources to the development of the careers of many of our top stage performers in music, theater and comedy: Flip Wilson, at one time the most popular comedian in the world, got his big break when Chuck took him on the road to open shows for him.

The superlative Dionne Warwick sang backup for Chuck on many of his stellar recordings, and Britain's Tom Jones was heavily influenced by Chuck when he touched down on American soil with the smash that was originally written for Chuck, "It's Not Unusual."

Chuck's versatile background permits him to vocalize in different styles: from R&B and pop to gospel and blues. And his trademark adlibbing is second to none as he continues to release new material with potent lyrics sporting dynamic arrangements.

His latest project, Chuck Jackson: The Motown Anthology, is a United Kingdom release (available on-line), and it will be distributed domestically in the future. This disc contains 48 tracks of incredible ballads interspersed with up-tempo grooves, which chronicle his fascinating career from some of his earlier studio recordings till now.

Chuck has received so many awards that it would take a book to list them all. However, a noteworthy one is the Apollo Theatre's Hall of Fame Award and tribute for headlining more shows there than any artist in the history of the historical Manhattan venue.

He's received additional commendation from the following: Anheuser Busch, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey, Motown Heroes & Legends and The Harlem Jazz & Music Festival, etc. Chuck is also a permanent member of New York's famous Friars Club.

Working closely with civic leaders such as key political figures, including Representative Charles B. Rangel, enables Chuck to network a collective to achieve some of his many community goals.

As a humanitarian, Chuck continues to donate time and revenue to further creativity in the inner-city, performing in concerts and organizing events that impact the lives of millions of citizens, junior and senior.

From his first major success with Bacharach and David to his present studio enterprises, Chuck Jackson continues to create wonderful music. And with new gospel and secular projects on the horizon, this is just the beginning of the next phase in the career of Smithsonian Institute's certified 'national treasure' and one of the most exciting entertainers of our time.

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