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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ruf Records artist: Oli Brown - Here I Am - New Release Review

Some of you may not have heard Oli Brown but this young man has been tearing up Europe for some time now. Here I Am, Oli's newest release is destined to open America's eyes to England's newest young blues guitar slinger. Oli has a blues rock swagger laying down 12 mature tracks on this, his 3rd release. The title track, Here I Am opens, the recording with a blues infused rocker. References are made to past guitar heroes and an affirmation that he's not riding on their coattails. Thinking About Her gets a bit of the shuffle blues going. It really develops a great groove and Brown gets the chance to really show his chops.Manic Bloom again exploring a more modern form of blues through a morphed rock form. The band is tight and the rhythm is compelling allowing Brown the opportunity to sing which he does quite well, and wail out a very cool blues solo. You Can Only Blame Yourself is a strong rock based track with hints to an earlier British band that changed the face of music but also sounding totally original with new traces from these roots. One of the things that I really like throughout the recording is backbeat rhythm and limited dual vocals. These are great compliments to Oli's lead vocals and great guitar riffs as shown on Start It Again. Donny Hathaway's I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know is a great track to showcase Brown's soulful voice as very strong blues guitar work. This track is bound to find the airwaves and win Brown new American pop, soul and blue fans. Remedy is back with the rhythm rock and sticking with Oli's basic sound, vocals out front, power chords and hooks. Nikka Costa's Like A Feather fits perfectly into this set with it's funky sound. This is a great moving track. This recording is likely to see huge success with it's pop influence, great guitar work, smooth vocals and ... I think Dick Clark said... "it's got a good tune and it's easy to dance to". Enjoy  
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