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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Harlem Nocturne - HeXx Henderson

HeXx Henderson’s musical influences include rock guitar heros like Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Roy Buchanan, Jeff Beck, The Ventures, and Lonny Mack. Great Lap Steel Guitar players like Leon McAuliffe, Santo and Johnny, Buddy Emmons, Alvino Rey, and Little Roy Wiggins, pioneering lap steel Blues players Hop Wilson and Freddy Roulette, and jazz organ great Jimmy Smith also had a big impact on HeXx.

Through his study of Rock, Blues, and Country's greatest masters, and by playing with diverse musicians of the highest caliber, HeXx doggedly earned the profound knowledge of music which enables him to weave many influences and styles together to form a very distinctive new sound. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, and Hawaiian music, with threads of Gospel, Pop, Surf, Heavy Metal, and Funk, all color the final, masterful design.

HeXx Henderson got his musical start playing the snare drum, then the trombone. At the age of thirteen, HeXx received his first lap steel guitar as a Christmas present from his parents. His intense love of music also motivated him to learn electric bass, stand up bass, and pedal steel guitar.

Avid in school music classes, bands, and competitions, music was HeXx’s true focus from a very young age. One music teacher, Mr. Humphries, steered HeXx towards his future career by promising to teach HeXx how to play the bass guitar if he could get one. HeXx begged his parents for a new bass, which they bought. The thing is, Mr. Humphries did not actually even know how to play the bass. He just had a spot in the band that he was determined to fill. Once Mr. Humphries admitted the deception to his student, HeXx was afraid to tell his dad that his favorite shiny new red P bass had been a wasteful expense. So, HeXx just buckled down and learned to play bass on his own, never letting on to his father.

Another tremendous influence was Jim Booth, who was at one time married to HeXx’s sister. Jim was a professional musician, playing upscale gigs at swank weddings, hotels, and nightclubs, reminiscent of Murph and the Magictones in the Blues Brothers movie. HeXx dreamed of the day when he could play plush gigs dressed in a dapper powder blue tux, just like Jim. At the time, he never envisioned that he would eventually play gigantic concert venues with nationally known acts, much less front his own band.

HeXx began playing the pedal steel professionally in local night clubs when he was only fifteen years old. Within the year, he was touring with Bonnie Nelson, a Country Western star signed to United Artist Records who had impressive endorsements with International Harvester, Tony Lama Boots, and Frederick's of Hollywood. This led to being asked to join Country music icon Faron Young’s band.

Around 1980, taste in country music shifted, and pedal steel guitar fell out of favor to be replaced by keyboards. By fortunate chance, HeXx met bass recording legend Carol Kay (a key studio musician in Phil Spector's
Wall of Sound) and they became dear friends. Carol took HeXx under her wing, giving him lessons in bass and music theory.

HeXx began an extremely diverse bass career, playing with notable artists in varied Rock and Pop genres, such as The Drifters, The Marvelettes, Wayne Newton. Doug Sahm, Tommy Taylor of the Eric Johnson Band, and Uncle John Turner of the Johnny Winter Band. HeXx also forayed into many other types of music, including a stint playing Heavy Metal with Phil Lewis of LA Guns. To round out his musical pedigree, HeXx also toured with Progressive Country Music star Alvin Crowe and Country Music’s greatest rebel, David Allen Coe.

In 2006, HeXx started thinking about forming his own band. Fellow musicians who were impressed with the way HeXx played urged him to start a band featuring his mind blowing lap steel prowess. This sparked an incredible new obsession, fronting a bluesy rock and roll band where, rather than guitar, the lap steel would act as the driving force.

HeXx determined that his band must engage hard core guitar enthusiasts, but it must also have a very broad appeal. He wants to connect with fans of every genre of music. Featured predominantly in Country and Hawaiian music, the lap steel has very rarely been heard in Rock and Roll. The fact that he has been able to grab the attention of guitar fanatics as well as average music fans is a feat in itself. HeXx's music encompass the myriad of musical styles which inspire him, it reflects the virtuosity of all the great musicians who have influenced him through the years, and most definitely, HeXx rocks.

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