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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

FPR News June 2012

FPR News  
In This Issue
Breakdown Way Update
Jack's Custom Bass
FPR @ The Dana
2013 Calendar Submissions
Spotlight On: Jill Sobule
Ruth Grace Update

Electric Hot Tuna has embarked on a tour of the Mid-Atlantic with Steve Kimock.  The Electric Tour is directly followed by an Acoustic Tour running through all of July!  The Acoustic run is topped off with one Electric performance at the Mount Baker Rhythm & Blues Festival in the beginning of August.

06/25 Electric Hot Tuna
          The National
          Richmond, VA
          * Also Steve Kimock

06/26 Electric Hot Tuna
          Grand Opera House
          Wilmington, DE
          * Also Steve Kimock

06/28 Electric Hot Tuna
          Sherman Theater
          Stroudsburg, PA
          * Also Steve Kimock

06/29 Electric Hot Tuna
          Theatre at Westbury
          Westbury, NY
          * Also Steve Kimock

06/30 Acoustic Hot Tuna
          Venetian Theater,
          Carammor Festival
          Katonah, NY
          * Also David Bromberg

07/01 Acoustic Hot Tuna
          The Bull Run Concert
          Shirley, MA
          * Two shows: 3 PM & 7 PM

07/05 Acoustic Hot Tuna
          Westbrook P.A.C.
          Westbrook, ME
          * Also Darol Anger

07/06 Acoustic Hot Tuna
          The Flying Monkey
          Plymouth, NH

07/07 Acoustic Hot Tuna
          The Theater at Newburyport
          High School
          Newburyport, MA

07/09 Acoustic Hot Tuna
          The Arts Center
          Carrboro, NC

07/10 Acoustic Hot Tuna
          Bijou Theatre
          Knoxville, TN

07/11 Acoustic Hot Tuna
          Diana Wortham Theatre
          at Pack Place
          Asheville, NC

07/13 Acoustic Hot Tuna
          Variety Playhouse
          Atlanta, GA

0714  Acoustic Hot Tuna
          Tampa Bay P.A.C.
          Tampa, FL

07/17 Acoustic Hot Tuna
          One World Theatre
          Austin, TX

07/18  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           Kessler Theater
           Dallas, TX

07/20  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           Oriental Theatre
           Denver, CO

07/21  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           Third Street P.A.C.
            Carbondale, CO

07/22  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           Sheridan Opera House
           Telluride, CO

07/25  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           Mesa Arts Center
           Mesa, AZ

07/26  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           Orpheum Theatre
           Flagstaff, AZ

07/27  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           San Diego, CA

07/28  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           Rio Theatre
           Santa Cruz, CA

07/30  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           Sweetwater Music Hall
           Mill Valley, CA
           SOLD OUT!

07/31  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           Sweetwater Music Hall
           Mill Valley, CA
           SOLD OUT!

08/02  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           Tower Theatre
            Bend, OR

08/03  Acoustic Hot Tuna
           Aladdin Theater
          Portland, OR

08/04  Electric Hot Tuna
          Mount Baker Rhythm &
           Blues Festival
           Deming Log Show
           Bellingham, WA

Fur Peace Station Upcoming Performances

August 11, 2012
Acoustic Hot Tuna & The Persuasions
Acoustic Hot Tuna and The Persuasions

August 25, 2012
Jesse Colin Young Band
Jesse Colin Young Band
Tickets Available!
FPR Workshops

August 10-13, 2012
Jorma Kaukonen

Jorma Kaukonen
Moving On Down The Road
Level 3
For players with a well honed thumb, and fingerstyle experience.  Jorma will demonstrate the variety of licks, runs and embellishments that provide style and nuance, and also represent a vocabulary of tools that may be used in various keys. This is an excellent repertoire- building workshop, and will encourage skills that can also be applied to original music, improvisation and arranging.

Jack Casady
Jack Casady
Bass Guitar Proficiency
Level 3
This class is for those gaining proficiency at learning the neck and fingering positions, and who have a basic understanding of chord progressions and construction of the song form in general. In this workshop we emphasize right hand technique, with particular attention to accuracy of note placement, rhythm combinations, dexterity, and broadening of tone. With the fretboard hand, we will examine finger placement and smooth note execution.

Jill Sobule
Jill Sobule
Acoustic Guitar and Songwriting
Level 2
Jill Sobule belongs to a rare breed of artists. Her work is at once deeply personal and socially conscious, seriously funny and derisively tragic. While her songs cover a huge amount of ground, they all benefit greatly from Jill's subtle intelligence and skillful light-handedness. No sloganeering flag-and-fist waving here, but rather story songs about human beings, real and imagined, which allow us to step back from the issue, be it personal or social, and relate to it as we would a close friend.

The PersuasionsThe Persuasions
Street Corner Harmony
All Levels
The emphasis is on the pure enjoyment of singing group harmony. No prior knowledge of harmony or performance experience necessary to become proficient at learning how to harmonize with groups of two or more voices. By course end we will show you how to best connect your voice with your soul by drawing on the essence of your personality to help you select a song that will allow you to express yourself.  You'll learn how to share your spirit with others, a crucial step in letting yourself relax and embrace the art of singing.
Live From Fur Peace Ranch 
Live From Fur Peace Ranch  
Broadcast Dates and Performers:  

for upcoming performers and broadcast dates.

91.3 FM
Friday nights at 7:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 AM
Monday 1:00 AM

89.7 FM
Sundays 09:00 PM

90.1 FM
Saturdays at 10:00 AM

You may also listen to WOUB-FM's live stream. Or visit WOUB's Archives. Audio files are updated weekly (excluding repeats). Due to right's restrictions, most programs are only available online for four weeks.

WOUB welcomes your feedback! Drop them a line:

Contact Your Local NPR station and let them know that Live From The Fur Peace Ranch! is available to them for free through Airplay Direct

New Releases 
Hot Tuna iTunes 
New to iTunes this month:  

05-19-1995 Aladdin Theatre, Las Vegas, NV 
The Aladdin featured a double bill: Electric Hot Tuna and the Radiators. This is the classic 90's Electric Tuna: Jorma and Jack with Michael Falzarano, Pete Sears, & Harvey Sorgen playing a long set which included "Junkies on Angel Dust",  "AK-47", "Ice Age" and the double encore of "Stop Breaking Down", "From Four Until Late"

2012-03-15 20th Century Theater, Cincinnati, Ohio 
This was the 2nd to last show of the Winter 2012 Tour.  An Acoustic Trio...Jorma and Jack with Barry Mitterhoff.  A sold out show with an energized audience. Set One filled with greats like "True Religion", "Childern of Zion", "Sea Child", and "99 Year Blues".  In set two you'll hear songs such as "Good Shepherd" with Barry playing "Circle Will Be Broken" during the opening of the song and the rarely seen in the set these days - "Whinin' Boy Blues"!

2003-07-10 Blues Cruise Around NYC 
A Jorma ~ Barry Duo Show featuring both the early and late Sets... Lots of songs from Quah which had been just re-released and
digitally remastered...."Another Man Done Gone", "Genesis", "I'll Let You Know Before I Leave", "I Am the Light of This World" plus many more such as "Tom Cat Blues", "Search My Heart", "Keep on Truckin', Mama" 

Jorma solo @ FPR Compilation  
2007, 2008, 2010  
Pomeroy, Ohio  
5th Annual Tribute to the Rev. Gary Davis. Jorma runs thru a set mainly filled with the Rev's songs like "Hesitation Blues", "Death Don't Have No Mercy" however he adds a Snooks Eaglin  tune "Uncle Sam Blues" and one of his own "A Life Well Lived"  

Featuring Jorma's opening set for Roger McGuinn
He plays many classics such as "New Song (For The Morning)", "Barbeque King","Trial By Fire" 

Jorma opens for Spencer Bohren & Bill Kirchen's Honky Tonk Heaven.  Jorma plays songs like "I Know You Rider", "Come Back Baby","Things That Might Have Been" encoring with Rev. Gary's "I Am The Light Of This World"   

June Birthdays
  • Bill Kirchen
  • Howlin' Wolf
  • Gregory Issacs
  • Les Paul 
Happy Birthday Everyone!

FPR News
   June 2012    
Circle of Life   

Here it is...June already and we are half way through our 15th season at Fur Peace. Technically, not yet summer but it sure feels like it. We have already experienced multiple weeks of 90 degree temps and prehistoric bugs eating our newly planted gardens. We are battling  small slugs presently...that are eating all of our zinnia's. Jeroch, our resident Soul Flower, is trying his hardest to replant and not take it personally. As he gently pulls each slug from their nesting beds in our flower gardens.....I can see that he is methodically trying to find them another place to live. I personally might not be so kind for it is the circle of life.........  
The circle of life swirls around me daily as our daughter grows bigger and bigger every day. Her relationship with Jorma is something that dreams are made of. The two of them are like Frick and Frack. Our daughter has recently shown an interest in our motorcycles....his in particular. Why only a few months ago, she hated the sound of the loud pipes. My bike is so loud she wouldn't go near it! Last week, she insisted on riding on the back of his bike with all of the proper gear. Music to our ears I tell you.  We bought her a new helmet (which she took over 1/2 hour to pick out) and a Harley jacket. Unfortunately our local Harley shop has discontinued their line of kids we are still looking for a pair of boots just like her Dad's, only smaller.  
On her maiden voyage on the back of his bike, I rIzze and Jormaode behind in my car filming on my iPhone laughing...almost crying....calling out...."Jorma, slow down!". I was a wreck!  She was undaunted by the whole fact, when they pulled back into the driveway and I expressed my excitement....she just rolled her eyes at me. I tend to gush...I can't help myself. I am in awe of the space she inhabits and in awe of Jorma as she bends his will. I am not really sure how Jorma's fans see him. I have an idea of how his music moves them....but do they look at him and see the great Dad that he has become? Jorma didn't spend much time with his son Zach when he was young...just the way the universe played that hand, but they are very close today and Jorma really shines in his presence. To Jorma's delight....Zack loves to ride motorcycles! 

My rock star husband has proven himself as a seasoned musician but more so as a great guy, a loyal friend and a really good Dad who's kids got his ticket! Happy Father's Day to all those Dad's out there and Happy Fathers day to you Jorma.......may there be no slugs in your garden of life.......

- Vanessa Kaukonen
Break Down Way
Breakdown Way Updates

Break Down Way presents online guitar workshops from Jorma and many of FPR's world class instructors through the use of streaming videos with up close shots of the fingering positions so you can catch all of the notes, pinches, pulls . . . and much more including access to chord charts, lyrics and the ability to email your questions to the instructors.

All of this great material can now be had on the go with the Break Down Way App for iPhone!  Now you can access all of the great lessons available on Break Down Way where and when you need it!  (The App has also been developed for the iPad and should be released in the coming weeks.)

New lesson by Jorma Kaukonen has been released:Break Down Way
A new lesson from Jorma Kaukonen has also been released.  "Vampire Women" harkens back to Jorma's second studio album and is taught here in all it's glory.  Purchase this lesson for only $4.99 for 30-days, or sign up for a monthly membership ($29.99) and receive all of the fantastic lessons available taught by the master's!

Visit Break Down Way and see what all the fuss is about! 
Jack's custom Epiphone Bass heard at Queen's Diamond Jubilee
There have been quite a few sightings of Jack's custom Epiphone Bass recently. 

Chris Null who plays with a group by the name of Dead Sara uses Jack's Custom Epiphone.Chris Null of Dead Sara

Jack's bass was also sighted in the hands of Chris Kuffner who performed with Ingrid Michaelson on the Late Show with Conan O'Brien.

Brian Ray who plays with Paul McCartney has been sporting Jack's Bass all around . . . from the Grammy's to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and points in between. . .

 . . . Jack's Bass rocks them all!

Big surprise coming in July for all of Jacks' Epiphone lovers! More info coming soon!
Jack in Black

It was in California that the Fur Peace Ranch first presented it's "On The Road" workshops.  It's a concept that has proved successful and we've enjoyed spending a few weeks during the Winter in warm and beautiful surroundings.... bringing the spirit of Fur Peace and our award-winning classes to our "On The Road" destinations.  After a few years in California's Desert Springs area we ventured further west and ended up in Maui.  Our last two sessions at the Royal Lahaina in Maui were fantastic and we all have loved the Maui environment as well as that wonderful Aloha spirit.  However, for 2013 we're going back to California.

The Dana on Mission Bay The Fur Peace Ranch "On The Road" workshops for Winter 2013 will be at the fabulous The Dana on Mission Bay.  San Diego's perfect climate is what draws you in and the premier waterfront setting and accommodations at the Dana will be our home on the road.  The Dana is located close to many of San Diego's best attractions.  The Dana is a short trip to downtown San Diego and it is walking distance to Sea World.  It is also next to Mission Bay Park, a 4,600 - acre wonderland, the largest park of it's kind in the world!  What we have always looked for when planning our "On The Road" workshops is a desirable location with excellent staff, services, accommodations and food.  The Dana has it all!  We are familiar with this location as Hot Tuna has stayed there as well as the Kaukonens and Hurlbuts on vacation trips.  The Dana has beautifully designed and appointed rooms and they have room to accommodate any family members or friends that would want to join you on your adventure.  This resort features 2 spectacular swimming pools as well as 2 spas.  It is also the center for many other activities that their guest service staff are willing and able to help you with.  There are Fur Peace Ranch water sports and bicycle rentals on sight.  All meals will be served and prepared by the Dana's fine dining staff and the food is fantastic!

We are really looking forward to our first workshops of 2013 being in San Diego and in particular at The Dana on Mission Bay.....where the only thing they overlook is Mission Bay!!! 

We look forward to you joining us in California for our Winter 2013 sessions. We have reserved three Mondays through Fridays for 2013.  The weeks that we will be in San Diego are: 

January 14 - 18
January 21 - 25
February 04 - 08. 

We will be announcing the particulars of our class schedule for these workshops soon, however, we wanted to announce  our intentions you could start making plans to join us in 2013 for an unforgettable experience and adventure as the Fur Peace takes it on the road to The Dana on Mission Bay.
FPR 2013Well.....we've talked about doing one of these for a long time now and we're finally gonna do it.  We're planning a 2013 Fur Peace Ranch Calendar and you can be a part of it.  We'll be making a very cool Fur Peace calendar for next year and we're going to be holding a Cooperative Calendar Photo Contest in conjunction with the making of the calendar.  The Fur Peace Ranch will be looking for photos to be a part of our 2013 calendar and we're offering prizes to those whose photos are selected for inclusion in the calendar.   We'll be selecting 12 photos to accompany each month of the year.  The photos we will be interested in should show scenes from the Fur Peace Ranch that convey a sense of time, place and happiness.  They could be just landscape.......or maybe a portrait.......or a "live action" shot from one of our concerts.  All photos will be considered, so be creative.  Next year will be our 16th season and over the years we have been given many wonderful photos from students and other visitors to the Fur Peace. 
The photos do not have to be recent.  Maybe you haven't been to the Fur Peace for a while, but have some great pictures in your archives.....send them on.  We're really excited about this calendar and the contest.  There will be twelve winners as we  will feature a photo with each month.  Photo winners will earn a $75 gift certificate for our Company Store and a copy of the calendar signed by Jorma. We're opening this contest to anyone that has been to the Fur Peace and taken some photos while do not have to be a Fur Peace student or alumni. 
FPR 2013 
  • Each person may enter 3 photos for consideraton
  • High-Resolution Color Digital images only
  • Submissions must be sent by email attachements
  • Photo format should be landscape and appropriate for a 7x11" area
  •  Include explanation of photo . . .where, when, who, what and photographers name
  • Identify anyone who is in the photo
  • Include your name, email and phone number
Photos should be sent to with the subject heading "2013 Calendar".  We want to make this calendar available by late October, so deadline for submission is August 31st.  As mentioned, over the years we have seen many, many great pictures taken from folks visiting the Fur's your chance to have your great photos seen by many.  Don't delay.....send your great photos.....our way.  
Thanks and Blessings.  
Spotlight on:  Jill Sobule:

Jill Sobule Though Jill Sobule may not be a household name, she has developed a loyal following over the years. To date Jill has released 7 studio albums, 3 EPs, and a Greatest Hits compilation. As a testament to her loyal following: in 2009 Jill sought to raise $75,000 through fan donations to record her next album, California Years. She reached that goal in a mere 53 days!

Her compositions alternate between ironic, story-driven character studies and emotive ballads. Weaving satire, humor and personal
Jill Sobule Netroots Nation 2011 
Jill Sobule Netroots Nation 2011
experience she has tackled subjects including depression, war, sexuality, abandonment, addiction, greed, and of course there is always. . . love. She has an arsenal of techniques that range from intentionally mimicking other artists, to the use of impeccable rhythmic sensibility, timing, and great harmonies.

Jill has also worked on many collaborations. In the 90's Jill toured and wrote with Richard Barone as "The Richard and Jill Show". Several of their songs have been used in popular TV programs of the day including The West Wing, Felicity, and Dawson's Creek. Jill wrote the theme song for the popular Nickelodeon produced show "Unfabulous" that follows a 13-year old girl who writes songs about her life in junior high school. Jill also contributed many of the songs "written" by the shows' main character Addie Singer. Jill also created the music for a multi-media project, Prozak and the Platypus, with playwright Elise Thoron graphic artist Kelly Anne Hanrahan.

Though Jill remains more of an underground artist playing small, intimate venues, her work is critically acclaimed and has garnered her the support of some household names of the music world like: Todd Rundgren, Tom Morello, Don Henley, John Doe, Joe Jackson and Warren Zevon.

Join Jill during our Couples' Weekend, August 10-13, 2012, to learn the tools and tricks of the trade that has kept this underground songwriter in high demand.

Help Ruth Grace Get Her Ride 
Ruth Grace 
Ruth Grace with Vanessa and Izze Kaukonen

Last month we told you about Ruth and her family's need for a new handicap accessible vehicle and about the National Mobility Awareness Month contest  that was going on. 

Unfortunately the Benavides did not win, however they were not far behind the leaders and were semi-finalists in the competition.

Thank you to all of you who helped by checking out the link!

1st 2012 enrollment - Regular Price

2nd 2012 enrollment - save $75

3rd 2012 enrollment - save $100

4th 2012 enrollment - save $200
Offer Expires: November 09, 2012
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