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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eller Soul Records artist: Li'l Ronnie and the Grand Dukes - Gotta Strange Feeling - New Release review

I just received Gotta Strange Feeling, the newest release from Li'L Ronnie and the Grand Dukes. This is a really interesting blend of blues sounds featuring Li'L Ronnie Owens on vocals and harp, Ivan Appelrouth on guitar, John Sheppard on bass, Mark Young on drums, John Fralin on piano and North Side Slim on percussion. Owens wrote or co wrote 12 of the 14 tracks on the release demonstrating well his capabilities not only to play and sing but also as a writer. The recording starts off with Can't Buy My Love, a slow shuffle tune. The track shows a slinky tightness as well as nice guitar and harp riffs. Cold Hard Cash is a great southern funk track along the lines of Little Feat.They get a great groove going here and nice vocal harmonies. Sweet Sue is a smart jump style blues and gives Owens the opportunity take a sweet harp solo. One of my favorite tracks on the recording is She's Bad Bad News, a loping Texas style blues. On Louis Jordan track, Buzz Me, Appelrouth gets a chance to step out a bit. He is a very stylistic player and I enjoy his playing quite a bit. The harp tones on Fat City are great. This is what people listen to harp players for. The title track, Gotta Strange Feeling, is a cool swing blues and everyone gets a chance to stretch a bit. It's always nice to hear the supporting players step up and show what they got. Late Night Blues is a great slower blues with Owens showing his capabilities again with great harp tones and Appelrouth getting some spot time. Bring Your Love Home is a great swing blues and Appelrouth lays down some really tasty riffs on this one. Fralin also gets a pretty good shot on keys to keep the groove moving. Owens brings it all home with is harp playing to finish the track.

I found this a surprisingly good recording and one that I believe many listeners will really love.
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