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Friday, June 15, 2012

Butter and Bacon artist: Voo Davis - A Place For Secrets - Release Review

I have been listening to A Place For Secrets, the most recent release from Voo Davis. David has built quite a reputation as a skilled slide player and performer working with Eddie King. After a short hiatus and dealing with some personal issues, Davis teamed up with Producer and multi instrumentalist, Steve Bores.The result of that collaboration is this recording... part introspective, part extrovert... all musical. The release opens with Told Her, showing Davis' capabilities as a songwriter, singer and instrumentalist. His vocals are seductive and his playing tight. Levee and Le Bon Tempe Roule shows the tables turn with Davis on a wide open acoustic slide jam with harp and drums. Home again shows Davis' strength as a balladeer and songwriter. Out Of The Blue shows Davis' abilities to create melodies based on unconventional progressions making the track particularly alluring. Cherokee Chant digs into the raw blues area and is my favorite track on the recording. Raw, delay, great raspy vocal, slide, trick drum rhythm...what's not to like! Crisis is another really strongly written song that is likely to be well publicly received. It is well written and executed with Davis' strong vocals matched with clean slide playing and solid drum backing. Caught You Bleeding Yesterday is a shot of soul and a really strong track with very clean intense guitar soloing. The recording is wrapped up with Beautiful Tattoo, a quiet guitar and vocal ballad. The intentional discord in parts of the melody draw attention to solemn nature of the track. Overall a very enticing recording.
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