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Friday, May 4, 2012

Uphill from Anywhere - Brad Hatfield

Just got the new cd, Uphill from Anywhere by Brad Hatfield. The release is made up of 11 tracks of which 9 are band originals. Brad sings and plays harp and is joined by Jon Justice on guitar, Bernie Hatfield on keys, Michael Bram on drums and Scott Hornick on bass. There is also special guest appearances by david gross on Guitar and Dennis Gruenling on Harp. This cd is very solid and a real cool start for a debut recording. Along with Johnson's John The Revelator and House's Death Letter, Hatfield creates a good cd of Chicago style blues. One More Night, a slow blues features Justice on slide and Hatfield gets down with some really soulful singing. Somebody's Got To Lose is a strong Texas style blues track giving Hatfield a nice opportunity to show off his Chicago style harmonica chops. Livin' Out The Lie is a particularly strong track with strong composition and again I believe it gives Hatfield a chance to show his vocal prowess. Headstrong Baby, another original is a boppin' blues track and Hatfield sounds to be singing through his harp mike which is a pretty cool effect that I always like. Too Good To Give Away features Greenling for some of the best harp work on the release. Trying to a cappella John The Revelator is always a test for a vocalist again because they are set up to being compared to every other great blues singer who has done it. I think that Hatfield holds his own and it's a fitting track to close the release.
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This track isn't on the cd but is representative of the work here:

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