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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ruf Records artist: The Jimmy Bowskill Band - Back Number - New release review

Jimmy Bowskill has released his 5th cd and the new one, Back Number is has all of the components of a winner. The cd is comprised of 11 band composed tracks, 9 which were composed by Bowskill alone. Linger On The Sweet Time has a distinctive sound of clean early blues rock with the kick in the turnaround. May be a hint to bands like Humble Pie and Black Crowes but this is really fresh with cool rhythm, vocals and guitars. Little Bird has a strong blues rock base with a little funk twisted in for fun. Bowskill is a talented guitar player and takes a little unpretentious stretch on this track. I don't mean to slight the rhythm section who carries a solid part of the music with Daniel Reiff on drums and Ian McKeown on bass. Spirit Of The Town is a very strong ballad which sets up for a really cool guitar solo that is sure to satisfy most slide hunger. I really like it. i want to mention again that Reiff's work on drums is particularly clean. Sinking Down is built off of solid riffs from earlier times and is really strong. It's interesting to see how Bowskill melds the British interpretation of blues rock with pure funk and the hard edge and comes out with his own sound. Extensive guitar work on this album is certain to enamor blues rock enthusiasts and attract rockers into the fold.I really like the overdriven tone that Bowskill gets from his guitar on Broke Down Engine. The most straight forward blues on the recording, although still a rocker is a great interpretive modern blues track. Least Of My Worries, the last track on the release is much softer and sure to get massive airplay with a catchy hook and really smooth vocal harmonies. I'm sure that this release will be well received.
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