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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ironing Board Sam glows at Jazzfest!

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Ironing Board Sam glows at Jazzfest!
Sam at Jazzfest
Scott Legato/WireImage
Ironing Board Sam made a huge splash at Jazzfest - since his rousing performance in the Blues Tent on Sunday he's been featured in the Times-Picayune, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Rolling Stone! Doug McCash of the Times-Picayune said "The impish joy Sam took in performing became obvious at the end of the set as he lowered his keyboard to the stage floor and crouched limberly over it to pound out the final bars of the last song as if he was giving the instrument CPR, before charging down the stage steps and bursting into the audience on an apparent quest, repeatedly belting out the line 'Have You Seen My Baby?' S
am is someone I want to know more about."

Click here for the full article!

And don't miss Little Freddie King's show at Jazzfest May 4th in the Blues Tent - 5:45pm - 7pm!
MM Gang at Jazzfest
Big Ron Hunter, Tom Ciaburri, Ironing Board Sam and Aaron Greenhood

by Cornelius Lewis

The 78 Project adds artists!

78 Project logo The 78 Project at City Winery in New York City has added new musicians to their lineup on May 20! Leah Siegel of Firehorse and Laura Burhenn of The Mynabirds will join the live music revue alongside Dawn Landes, The Reverend John Delore & Kara Suzanne, Vandaveer and more special guests. The event benefits Music Maker with a portion of ticket sales and the silent auction of acetates. Tickets range from $25 to $65, and you can purchase them here!

To read more about the 78 Project, check out their website! We thank the 78 Project for supporting our mission!
Jimmy Williams' "Music Maker" Series featured in NY Times!

Sweet Betty

Jimmy Williams, a Music Maker supporter who photographed MMRF artists for a photography series entitled "Music Makers," is featured in the New York Times' Lens Blog this week! The article "A Right to Sing the Blues," includes a quote from Tim and some beautiful images from Williams.

Check it out here!


Alabama Slim - Ain't I Been Good to You

Diggin: Alabama Slim
Alabama Slim Blue & Lonesome
This past Sunday night I had the privilege of experiencing the 5pm Blues and Booze show at the Kajun Pub near the corner of Marigny and St. Claude in New Orleans. The air was dense with the aromas of crawfish laid to rest in a mix of butter and Zatarains, cigarette smoke and alcohol.

On the little stage in the front window Alabama Slim was digging into his guitar and moaning out plaintive lyrics while the bass and drums were cooking behind him. The crowd was a healthy mix of people in all manner of dress laughing and carrying on, some dancing together on the small dance floor right in front of the stage. It carried on that way for hours.

You can experience some of this scene by listening to the track above - from the upcoming re-release of Slim's album Blue & Lonesome.


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