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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FPR News April/May 2012

FPR News
In This Issue
New 2012 Workshop
GE Smith joins BDW
Kickstart Oteil
Meet Me in the Kitchen
Help Ruth Grace Get Her Ride

In May Jorma plays the Nelsonville Music Festival a short piece from home. He then heads off to Italy for some festival dates, some of which include David Bromberg.

05/19 Jorma Kaukonen

Nelsonville Music

4 PM
Nelsonville, OH

05/23 Jorma Kaukonen
Loggiato Inferiore Della
Basilica Palladiana
Vicenza, Italy
Also David Bromberg

05/24 Jorma Kaukonen
Folk Club
Torino, Italy

05/25 Jorma Kaukonen
Acoustic Guitar Festival
Fortezza Firmafede
Sarzana, Italy
Also David Bromberg

05/27 Jorma Kaukonen
Auditorium Modernissimo
Nembro, Italy

In the later half of June, Electric Hot Tuna embarks on a tour along the Mid-Atlantic along Steve Kimock.

06/21 Electric Hot Tuna
State Theatre
Ithaca, NY
* Also Steve Kimock

06/22 Electric Hot Tuna
Count Basie Theatre
Red Bank, NJ
* Also Steve Kimock

06/23 Electric Hot Tuna
The Wellmont Theatre
Montclair, NJ
* Also Steve Kimock

06/25 Electric Hot Tuna
The National
Richmond, VA
* Also Steve Kimock

06/26 Electric Hot Tuna
Grand Opera House
Wilmington, DE
* Also Steve Kimock

06/28 Electric Hot Tuna
Sherman Theater
Stroudsburg, PA
* Also Steve Kimock

06/29 Electric Hot Tuna
Theatre at Westbury
Westbury, NY
* Also Steve Kimock

Fur Peace Station Upcoming Performances

May 12, 2012
The California Guitar Trio
The California Guitar Trio
Buy Tickets

June 2 & 3, 2012
Tommy Emmanuel
Tommy Emmanuel
Both Shows Sold Out!

FPR Workshops

May 11, 2012
Jorma Kaukonen with Marjorie Thompson and David Wolff
The Entrance Ramp
Level 1/2
Jorma Kaukonen
This workshop will provide a solid introduction to fingerpicking guitar, including development of that reliable thumb so essential to mastering this style. This pianistic style of playing often characterizes the music of Master Instructor Jorma Kaukonen, and is typical also of the great country blues artists such as Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Blake, Mississippi John Hurt and other seminal musicians that have deeply influenced 20th century guitar styles.

This special workshop will have a triple threat of instructors, so that participants will receive individually tailored attention. Along with the Captain, singer/songwriter/guitarist Marjorie Thompson will provide expert instruction focused on fretboard navigation and songcrafting, and BreakDownWay maven David Wolff will guide students in the careful rendering of some country blues favorites exemplary of this genre.

June 1-4, 2012
Tommy Emmanuel
Master Guitar
Level 4
Tommy Emmanuel

Live From Fur Peace Ranch

Live From Fur Peace Ranch

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New Releases

Hot Tuna iTunes

New to iTunes this month:

2012-02-25 Lewis A. Sawyer Theatre at The Egg,

Albany, NY

Fresh Tuna from the recent Winter 2012 Tour. An acoustic trio show. A two set show filled with classic Tuna: Sea Child, Been So Long, Babe, I Want You To Know and new Tuna: Children of Zion, Goodbye to the Blues, Vicksburg Stomp

2000-02-17 The Variety Playhouse,

Atlanta, GA

This is the second show of 2000 and a SOLO Jorma show as well. A killer setlist featuring songs: Ice Age, Vampire Women, Police Dog Blues, Follow the Drinking Gourd, and Water Song

Jorma's iTunes directory

Hot Tuna's iTunes directory

April/May Birthdays

  • Jack Casady
  • Rev. Gary Davis
  • Herb Pedersen
  • Warren Haynes
  • Larry Coryell
  • Stefan Grossman
  • Pete Sears
  • Happy Truam
  • Michael Falzarano
  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • Guy Davis

Happy Birthday Everyone!

FPR News
April/May 2012

On the Passing of an Old Friend

Jorma with Levon and the Gang
Jorma, Justin Guip, Levon Helm, Jack Casady, Larry Campbell and Barry Mitterhoff

It's been a week or two now so I am sure you are all aware of the passing of our dear friend Levon Helm. The news that he was gravely ill came from Larry Campbell who was about to make his drive west to the Fur Peace Ranch to teach. The fact that Larry still came while the family watched and waited by Levon's side says so much about Larry. Larry said, Levon would want him to come and he felt it in his heart that he would get back to Woodstock before the inevitable occurred. He did indeed make it back in time. I will say that his workshops and his show with Teresa were the best I had ever seen. I believe in my own heart that he taught and performed for his brother Levon.......

The passing of friends is never easy. It is the one thing in this life that we know will come to pass and there is never an easier, softer way to feel the loss. My own experience with Levon was nothing short of divine. I have always known Levon to be touched by great, unforeseen forces...blessed. When he spoke to me, he always reached out and grabbed my hands and his touch was something out of this earthly plain. I will hold each and every time he held my hands in his as something celestial. I know Levon had many struggles and I know he wore them like a crown like Elton John so poetically sang in his song "Levon." I knew a gentle man who spoke soft and sweetly about life and music. My favorite Sunday morning show...CBS Sunday Morning... paid such a great tribute to him. Jorma and I sat there and watched the program as we wept for our own loss felt . Jorma recalled one of the last times he saw him....his last words to Levon, at his studio during a rehearsal before the Beacon shows were, "It was good to see you brother." was good to know you........


If it doesn't come from your heart -- music just doesn't work

- Levon Helm

Music is the language of heaven

- Levon Helm

New Electric Guitar Workshop Added to 2012
Bob Margolin
Bob Margolin: Raw Blues: Chicago Style!
August 24-27, 2012
Level 2/3

Our 2012 Electric Guitar workshops filled-up quickly this year, and we had a instructor vacancy in August so we decided to add another electric guitar workshop with Bob Margolin. Bob will be teaching Raw Blues: Chicago Style!

The guitar sound and style of Muddy Waters and Chicago Blues players like Elmore James, Jimmy Rogers, Robert Lockwood Jr., Eddie Taylor, and Hubert Sumlin were a radical electric evolution of Mississippi Delta Blues in the early 1950s. Some folks credit this music as the foundation of Rock'n'Roll, but Bob believes it stands proudly on its own. For today's guitar players, knowing the language and "tone" of "delay time" and "Old School" (Muddy's terms) Chicago Blues is both educational and empowering for your playing.

Bob played guitar in Muddy's band from 1973-'80. Bob will take what he learned directly from Muddy and pass this raw electric Blues on to you. Bob will use live and recorded playing in this workshop, demonstrate the guitar parts of Chicago Blues masters, and be inspired by your questions and individual agenda. You'll learn how to play classic Chicago Blues electric slide guitar parts in standard tuning, Open-G, and Open-E. You'll work on getting a singing yet percussive tone out of your guitar and amp, that you can use to express your Blues with or without effects pedals.

Enroll Today!

GE Smith Joins Breakdown Way

has done it again with three new amazing lessons from our brand new instructor, G.E. Smith (Hall & Oates, SNL, Bob Dylan, Live Aid, Roger Waters "The Wall" Tour.)

52 minutes of sheer wisdom from a master electric guitarist.

* Mercy Mercy: Sing AND play with this great lesson that can really help your skills, not too advanced, all levels!

*Chicken: Much more advanced, this one will challenge you for weeks.
GE Smith

All these new lessons can be purchased individually ($4.99 per month) or will come as part of your standard subscription.

Many thanks for your interest in and enjoy!

Kickstart Oteil's The Adventures of Green Thumb and Purple Haze
(A new comic book series created by Oteil Burbridge and LeVar Carter.)

One of our instructors, and good friend, Oteil Burbrige is currently working on a new side project - a serial comic book - of all things.

The Adventures of Green Thumb and Purple Haze is a serial comic book chronicling the trials and tribulations of the titular (twin cannabis superheros) characters and their expanding cast of allies and adversaries.

The comic explores themes involving the power of nature and spirituality, the role corporations and governments play in stifling scientific and cultural advancements for the purpose of preserving profits and power, and also what it means to be deemed illegal just by one's lot in life (as it pertains to one's biology, nationality, gender, sexuality, and so on).

If you are interested in helping Kick-Start Oteil's new project more information can be found by visiting:

Meet Me in the Kitchen
An Interview with Brenda Bolin of the FPR Kitchen Staff

B.B. Brenda Bolin has been here at the Fur Peace Ranch now for a little over 10 years. She came to the Ranch to take over the kitchen clean-up duties and to tackle the dishwashing as well. Brenda was cleaning the dishes back before we had an automatic dishwashing machine. She's always been known for her great work and her great work ethic . . the lady is a hard worker!! Well, she wasn't around the kitchen for too long before some of her other talents in the kitchen were recognized. Brenda is also a fine baker and over the years she has become known as the "cookie lady" . . . for she is the one that makes and bakes all those fabulous cookies that the Ranch has become famous for. She does a whole lot more then just making cookies, for she is also talented with making and baking other fine deserts and she also pitches in and helps cook and prepare the fine food that comes out of the Beatrice Love Kitchen . . . that's what we call our dining hall and it is named affectionately in honor of Jorma's mother Beatrice Love . . . We had a chance to sit down with Ms. Brenda and talk to her about her role in the Fur Peace Kitchen . . . and here's what she had to say:
Why do like working at the Fur Peace Ranch?
I like working at the Ranch because it has a friendly atmosphere and everyone I work with in the kitchen works as a team. That in itself is why I love my job.
How did you become interested in baking as a job?
I've always liked to bake! But during my dish washing days, Vanessa had asked me to bake cookies for an upcoming camp weekend. I baked chocolate chip cookies and Jorma made the comment that those were the best chocolate chip cookies made out there yet. Since then I've been the cookie baker for every camp.

Where and from whom did you learn to cook?
I learned to cook and bake from my mother and my grandmother.

Who was your biggest influence?
My grandmother. She would let me bake cookies and experiment with baking skills.

What did you learn from your Mom or Grandmother that you use regularly in the kitchen?
My grandma taught me how to knead dough by hand. Later, I bought a mixer which came with a tool that mixes the dough. Needless to say, I don't make bread the old-fashioned way, any more.

What do you enjoy most about baking and what is your favorite item to bake?
I enjoy the students' reactions and compliments to the different deserts and cookies being made for them. I don't really have a favorite item that I like to bake.

Have you ever had a baking disaster? What happened?
Yes (to me it is!) . . . when my cookies turn out too flat.

What's your favorite comfort meal?
A pork roast with scallop potatoes, green beans, home-made applesauce and rolls.

What are some of you top baking tips?
Knowing when to take the cookies out of the oven. Different brands and types of flour vary the texture of baked goods.

What is the hardest thing about being a baker? What is the best thing about being a baker?
Since I love to bake, I don't consider anything too hard to do. The best is the finished results and the happy faces!

On Fur Peace concert nights you sometimes stay around to hear the music . . . What has been some of your favorite shows here at the Ranch?
Suzy Boggus
Lee Roy Parnell
Billy Dean
Blue Highway
Roy Book Binder
Don Edwards
And of course . . . Jorma

What's your favorite style of music and your all-time favorite musician or group?
My favorite style of music is Country. My all-time favorite is listening to Tommy Emmanuel.

What ingredients should every home have in the cupboard or refrigerator for baking?
Flour, sugar, baking soda and salt for the cupboard. Eggs and butter in the refrigerator.

Help Ruth Grace Get Her Ride
Many of us do not realize it, but the month of May is National Mobility Awareness Month. The purpose of this declaration is to bring attention to and show the world how people with disabilities can live an active, mobile lifestyle. The goal of National Mobility Awareness Month is to educate the public that:
  • People with disabilities constitute the 2nd largest minority in the United States.
  • Over 18 million people in the U.S. and Canada have mobility issues.
  • 6 million of those are veterans.
  • There are mobility equipment manufacturers, dealers, driver rehabilitation specialists and other professionals in your community dedicated to improving the lives of peo
    Ruth Grace
    Ruth Grace with Vanessa and Izze Kaukonen
    ple with disabilities.
  • Automotive mobility solutions are available for people with disabilities enabling them to enjoy active, mobile lifestyles
To help promote NMAM the National Mobility
Equipment Dealers Association is conducting a contest to provide Custom Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles to 8 lucky winners.

FYI . . . Robert "Bobalou" Benavides, Ruth's father, is an old friend of Jorma's and Fur Peace. (Bobalou played "Gut Bucket" on Hot Tuna's now infamous Sweetwater recording.)
Ruth Grace suffers from a early development disease that restricts her ability to walk as well as her speech and hearing. The Benavides are in the running to win a Custom Wheelchair Accessible Verhicle to help get Ruth to/from school, doctors appointments and play dates. But they need our help! You can help simply by visiting this webpage and voting for Ruth by filling out the required info.
Thanks for all your help!


1st 2012 enrollment - Regular Price

2nd 2012 enrollment - save $75

3rd 2012 enrollment - save $100

4th 2012 enrollment - save $200

Offer Expires: November 09, 2012

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